5 Things You Didn’t Know About SEX & WEED

It’s February…are you feeling the love, or maybe you need a lil’ help channeling the passion that’s possible? This week, How to Do the Pot dropped the first of a 3-part podcast series “The High Guide to Sex”. We recruited our favorite High Guides to share proven tips that increase sexual sensation and drive away distraction, and we have recs for the best cannabis products to buy for your sex stash. Get excited! There are many fun ways to bring cannabis into the bedroom – with a partner or solo, and whether you choose to get high or not. Make this Valentine’s Day one never to be forgotten – and to be much repeated! April


1. History: In 1851, The Marriage Guide for “first timers” (read: first night of marriage) was published and the author encouraged readers to write him for his patented aphrodisiac: a hash-based formulation readily available at American pharmacies at the time. 

2. Hormones: Women are more responsive to the effects of THC when estrogen levels are at their highest, which occurs when you’re ovulating. If you consume THC then, you’ll feel higher than at other times during your cycle. This chart breaks down what to expect on different days of the month. 

3. Low High: Experts on the The High Guide to Sex emphasize using less THC and more CBD for best results in the bedroom. Try a low-dose edible with 2.5 to 5mg of THC that also includes CBD or a high-CBD strain from our 12 Essential Cannabis Strains for women. 

4. Hardware: Women agree, weed lubes are a game-changer for sex. But will your evening involve a condom? Water-based lubes like LOUD and Quim work with condoms, products from Foria & Her Highness are not latex-friendly. 

5. Homework: Massage your hand totally sober, then get high and massage your hand. Feel the difference…uh huh.

We cover legal weed

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