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How to Do the Pot is dedicated to demystifying cannabis for you.

Are you new to weed? We’ve created a getting started playlist for you, which covers the main reasons women go to cannabis for help: 

sleep 101

ep. 131 Why better sleep starts with cannabis
Ep. 132 fall asleep fast with weed
Ep. 135 stay asleep all night with weed
ep. 137 prevent weed hangovers + feel great the next day


ep. 1 the pain episode
Ep. 51 CBD for Menstrual cramps
Ep. 32 Blackberry kush, period pain fighter
ep. 73 migraines & weed


Ep. 36 why. weed helps with stress
ep. 4 the pharma episode


ep. 189 sharing weed's best-kept secret
ep. 190 sex drive, parenting and intimacy
ep. 191 is weed a tool for healing sexual trauma?

1st time i bought legal weed

Okay, now that you understand how to buy cannabis in your state, do you need a helping hand or maybe a laugh to get you to go to that dispensary? Thanks to our 1st Time I Bought Legal Weed series, you’ll never feel alone on your first legal weed purchasing experience.

ep 102 1st time i bought legal weed: skye pillsbury
ep. 95 1st time i bought legal weed: evelyn lachapelle
ep. 65 1st time i bought legal weed: alex ramirez

cannabis works

Most women come to weed as a last resort and find that it works. Here are some moving stories of women using cannabis to treat difficult diseases and their often painful symptoms.

ep. 67 how to talk to your doctor about cannabis, treating lupus with weed
ep. 64 how does weed help with autoimmune diseases? treating crohn's disease with cannabis
ep. 57 pain relief for endometriosis with cannabis

weed words

Are you ready to start experimenting with cannabis, but feel daunted by the lingo? That’s why we have our series Weed Words, where we break down cannabis terminology so you can “do the pot” with confidence.

Ep. 160 weed words: paranoia
ep. 114 weed words: cbd
ep. 164 weed words: the munchies

legalizaton 101

Ep. 106 legalization 101: women tell us what's different in medical & adult-use states
legalization 101: why is medical cannabis a last resort for women?
Legalization 101: stigma sucks- why is there still judgement around weed?
legalization 101: weed is really fun

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We cover legal weed

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