Demystifying cannabis
for women


How to Do the Pot


How to Do the Pot is an award-winning weekly podcast for women, by women, that demystifies cannabis through joyful, narrative storytelling and informed recommendations and advice. This podcast, hosted by Ellen Scanlon, brings you compelling narratives from women across the U.S. and Canada who have discovered how to incorporate cannabis into their lives, whether that means as a stress or pain reliever, sex enhancer, sleep aid, or simply as a means to achieving a healthier lift at the end of a long day.

Ellen also highlights the voices of accredited medical professionals and trusted experts in the cannabis space to ensure listeners are fully informed about issues such as dosage, general safety, medical cannabis, legal issues, cannabis news and more.


Ellen Scanlon

San Francisco, CA

As the host of How to Do the Pot, you’ll find Ellen Scanlon behind the mic, sharing stories about diverse, modern women and their varied experiences with cannabis, recommending the essential strains for women, and sharing the latest research on the mental and physical benefits of the cannabis plant. But what makes this former investment professional and health advocate jump out of bed every morning is her overarching mission to empower women to make more informed choices about their health and well-being.

Within Ellen’s vision of creating the best podcast for women, she offers a safe and welcoming space to learn more about cannabis.

Having released over 200 episodes on everything from sleep to sex, as well as a popular newsletter that reaches tens of thousands of loyal readers, it’s clear that Ellen’s work is striking a chord with the many women curious about cannabis.


Signal Awards Best How-To & Advice Show

Signal Awards Best Conversation Starter Show


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