A. The Best Weed Strains for Sex

This week wrapped up How to Do the Pot’s audio series, “The High Guide to Sex” with an episode all about cannabis strains to make the most of any and all sexual encounters. In this newsletter, we’re giving you the highlights so you can 🌟 for future shopping – and seeing as it’s never a bad idea to encourage good great sex, please share this email with a friend. My biggest take-away of the series: More CBD, less THC leads to more successful outcomes, more of the time – in bed. Depending on your desires, your pain, your mental state, think of this plant as a Swiss Army knife in the bedroom. At the very least, keep CBD lube, CBD gummies and a CBD vape handy to help you drop in to the moment. AP

Visit our website to find our growing list of the best sex strains – and let us know your favorites! We want to spread the love.


1. Love goggles strain: Super Silver Haze is an energetic, long-lasting strain that will bring on feelings of love & positivity. 

2. Peak pleasure strain: Gelato will help you feel happy and uplifted while it relaxes your body and lowers stress & anxiety. 

3. Creative play strain: With Cinex, you’ll have plenty of energy flowing and the stamina to stay up all night. But skip this one if you’re prone to anxiety or sensitive to caffeine. 

4. Sexy herbs: Try Car Sex from women-owned Barbari, and bring out the best of your reckless impulses with a balanced blend of euphoric (and legal in all 50 states) herbs tailor-made for risqué reveries and rowdier nights.

5. Yes please bath bomb: Kush Queen is a first stop if you want to soak off the day before getting intimate with yourself or a partner. Bath bombs with CBD & Delta-8 provide major body and mind relief with a mood stabilizing lift – a real lift. As in a high that feels like you’ve consumed THC, but it’s legal & available for purchase online. Rolling Stone digs into what we know about Delta-8, the cannabinoid derived from hemp that is known as THC’s cousin. 

Buying flower? Support women growers & look out for these women-run cannabis farms in legal states.

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