Buy Weed From Women + 5 Women-Led Brands Shaping the Industry

Buy Weed From Women isn’t just an idea. It is a collective that promotes women-founded cannabis brands looking to compete with the “Big Boys”. Truly, consumer support makes all the difference for a woman-founded brand with a fraction of the capital of its male-founded counterparts. When you choose to buy weed from women, you’re choosing to level the playing field. When you choose to buy weed from women, you’re getting behind a person who has the best interests of women in mind. When you choose to buy weed from women today, you’re shaping the cannabis industry in a foundational way. Don’t wait. Very popular brands founded by women – and creating products beloved by women – savor the sale of every SKU. They appreciated the “u” in unit. ☮ April

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1. LIFESTYLE: The High Guide’s own April Pride founded Van der Pop, the first cannabis lifestyle brand for women. 

2. EDIBLES: Wana Brands, led by CEO Nancy Whiteman, is pioneering rapid onset THC gummies – think ten minutes to feel it, not an hour. 

3. KITCHEN: Potli, led by Christine Yi & Felicity Chen, are stocking kitchen pantries with delicious THC or CBD infused olive oil, honey, sriracha & more. 

4. TOPICALS: Sagely Naturals, led by Kerrigan Behrens and Kaley Nichol, created accessibly priced, high quality CBD lotions and creams, now available at your local pharmacy. 

5. BATH: Maya Elisabeth of Whoopi & Maya and Om Edibles started the revolution that is cannabis in the tub.

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