May 1, 2024

CBD for Menstrual Cramps

Eighty percent of women experience period pain at some point in their lives, and menstrual cramps are the top complaint. That’s probably why I get so many questions about CBD for period cramps. In this episode, I look at how weed can help ease menstrual discomfort, the science behind CBD’s soothing effects, and its benefits as a natural alternative to traditional pain meds. If you’re interested in learning more about how CBD for menstrual cramps can fit into your well-being routine, join me as we explore real stories and research that highlight its growing use and effectiveness.

(20 minutes)

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Ally Einbinder

Is the California based bass player for Potty Mouth.

“We went to Venice Beach back then when it was only medical, and they had all these cannabis doctors set up on the boardwalk. I paid $150 to have a five minute long conversation with this doctor in a windowless room in a basement. He asked, “Why do you think you need medical marijuana?” I told him anxiety and period cramps, and he said, “Okay.”
(5 minutes)
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