January 11, 2024

Cheers to 2024: The Year of the Weed Drink

Today we’re reflecting on our most-listened-to episode of 2023, just in time for Dry January! This episode explores the rising trend of cannabis beverages: low-dose, weed-infused drinks that offer a refreshing alternative to alcohol. If you haven’t listened yet, tune to hear why women love them for easy socializing and enjoyable, hangover-free highs.

(20 minutes)

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Michele Holmes

California based founder of Michele Holmes Studio.

“It felt very safe, and I felt happy and relaxed and wasn’t scared at all. I didn’t crawl into my shell and I didn’t feel anti-social. I just felt really good, and so I proceeded to try it the next two nights as well and realized that maybe cannabis was a better way for me to unwind than reaching for a glass of alcohol or wine like I usually do.”
(5 minutes)
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