November 22, 2023

Digging Into The Munchies

With the most delicious day of the year quickly approaching, I’m dishing out the details on everyone’s favorite cannabis phenomenon: the munchies. From debunking common munchie misconceptions to sharing my favorite snack to enjoy while high, this episode will get you ready for the ultimate feast. So before diving into that mountain of mashed potatoes, tune in for my tips on elevating your appetite and savoring the flavors of Thanksgiving!

(21 minutes)

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Christine Blackburn

California based comedian and host of Story Worthy Podcast.

“I remember hearing the news on NPR that the state of California was legalizing marijuana in 1996 for medical use. I remember thinking: ‘When I get out of the Peace Corps, I’m moving to California’.”
(20 minutes)
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I Need a More Perfect Thanksgiving

hosted by chris morocco

John impressed his mother-in-law with last year’s Thanksgiving meal, but can he nail it again? Listen as Bon Appétit food director Chris Morocco comes to the rescue.

"Ned Blackhawk on the 'Rediscovery of America'"

hosted by jonathan capehart

Yale Professor and 2023 National Book Award winner Ned Blackhawk discusses his book, The Rediscovery of America: Natives Peoples and the Unmaking of U.S. History, which explores the foundational role Native Americans have played in U.S. history.

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