November 17, 2022

Do You Feel Judged For Liking Weed?

In this episode, we hear from women about the shame they’ve internalized around their cannabis consumption — even though it has vastly improved their well-being. Listening to stories like this, or sharing your own, helps chip away at the decades-old stigma surrounding weed and the people who consume it.
In last week’s election, Maryland and Missouri became the latest states to legalize adult-use of cannabis, which brings the total to twenty-one legal U.S. states! I hope you feel inspired by the moving stories in this episode to continue to change the narrative and advocate for a modern, legal future for cannabis.

(17 minutes)

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Windy Borman

Oregon Based Filmmaker, Mary Janes: The Women of Weed.

“I had actually never tried cannabis before I started producing the documentary. There was a lot of drug addiction and alcoholism in my family. I’m the product of the D.A.R.E. generation, so I was told marijuana is a gateway drug, and I never wanted to tempt the genetics in my family.”
(7 minutes)
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"Dinner w/ Eve Babitz in LA with journalist Alessandra Codinha."

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Hosts Monica and Emma invite L.A.-based writer and editor Alessandra Codhina over for an imaginary dinner party with “the original artsy ‘it’ girl,” Eve Babitz.


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Stanford Neurologist Dr. Robert Sapolsky knows a lot about stress — like what happens to our bodies when we’re under it, and how our mind doesn’t always match up. Tune in to hear more and learn a few of his favorite coping strategies.

We cover legal weed

So you must be legal, too. Age 21+ invited to continue.


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