June 26, 2024

How Love and Perseverance Paved the Way for Legalization

Join me as I kick off our Pride series and honor the resilience and love of San Francisco’s gay community during the 1980s AIDS crisis. You’ll Meet Meridy Volz, the woman behind Sticky Fingers Brownies, and her daughter Alia Volz, who witnessed the transformative power of compassion and community from a young age. 

Discover how delivering cannabis brownies to AIDS patients provided relief and hope, and learn about the pivotal role this played in sparking a national legalization movement for medical cannabis. I hope you’ll tune in to hear these remarkable stories of courage, advocacy, and the enduring fight for compassionate use legislation that led California to become the first state to legalize medical cannabis. Happy Pride!

(38 minutes)

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Discover the fun of shopping for cannabis


Chiah Rodriques

Is a California based cannabis farmer.

“I always end up talking to budtenders about regenerative cannabis and sun grown cannabis, to see if they know anything about small farmers, legacy and heritage cultivators, and craft cannabis.”
(4 minutes)
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