Microdosing Cannabis for Stress & Chronic Pain

Late stage pandemic burnout seems to be on everyone’s mind lately, and if you’re in the cannabis industry, so is legalization. Last week, New York, Virginia and New Mexico all took final steps to legalize cannabis, bringing the total to 16 states with adult use and 36 states with legal medical use. How are pandemic burnout & cannabis connected? More than 80 million women in the U.S. now have access to legal cannabis, and microdosing is increasingly how women are finding their way to the plant. 

On this week’s episode of How to Do the Pot, we share stories of women who microdose for well-being and to treat medical conditions, give you a nurse’s practical tips for how much cannabis to take, and share a secret to having your best sex with cannabis. 

Take care, Ellen

1. What is microdosing cannabis? Microdosing is consuming small amounts of cannabis consistently over a longer period of time to maintain relief from symptoms. It can refer to low-dose THC, low-dose THC with an equal amount or more of CBD, or only CBD in the product. 

2. How do you want to feel? Microdosing can help with a variety of conditions, like lowering stress, improving sleep, reducing chronic pain and improving well-being. The more THC in the product, the more likely that you will feel some type of high. Be open to experimenting, and customize a routine with the cannabinoids that work best for you. 

3. What method works best for your lifestyle? Is being discreet most important to you, or does long-lasting medicine matter more? It works to microdose with a capsuleoil tinctureedibletopical cream, or find a strain that works for you. Each method has a different time to onset and will last for varying times based on dosage. In California, visit Caliva.com for trusted products with THC and use code DOTHEPOT for 30% off your first order. 

4. What is the right amount to take? If you are consuming to help with pain or stress, you might need to have several doses throughout the day to alleviate your symptoms. Cannabis is similar to other types of medicine – think Advil every 4 hours – and you might need more than you think to feel better. Keep notes to track what product you try, when you take it, and how long it works for you. For more on dosage, listen to How to Do the Pot’s episode 20

5. What conditions will microdosing help? Check out our list of favorite pot products for specific health conditions like migraines, stress, and period pain.

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