February 15, 2023

Pot Pairings For Your Favorite Podcasts- True Crime Edition

Calling all true crime lovers…this episode is for you! Join the How to Do the Pot team and our podcaster friends as they share their favorite true crime podcasts, and we choose a perfect pot pairing for each. From Gelato to Green Crack, discover the best strains for inducing all the spine-tingling sensations without any of the paranoia. Whether you want to strike the perfect balance between thrill and chill or intensify your goosebumps, this episode has got you covered with the ideal strains to enhance your true crime listening experience. I hope you enjoy it!

(13 minutes)

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Anita Flores

New York based host of Care Talkers Podcast

“I ended up finishing my peach gummies before heading to the airport. We were going through security, and I was motioned by a TSA agent, “Will you please come with me?”, and I started to cry. I turned to my friend and I said, “This is it. I must have left the peach gummies in the bag. I’m going to prison.”
(6 minutes)
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"What the Hell Happened to Marsha "Mudd" Ferber?"

hosted by jamie and karen zelermyer

This Stephen King-approved true crime podcast kicks off with the various theories about a mysterious disappearance in a West Virginia counterculture community supported by rock music and illegal weed.

“Virtual Weed and Cojones”

hosted by andreas becker and nicolas martin

An investigative true crime podcast delving into an infamous Berlin-based company that promised massive profits in medical cannabis, only to leave thousands of people worldwide empty handed.

We cover legal weed

So you must be legal, too. Age 21+ invited to continue.


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