Best Reasons to Start Growing Weed At Home

Did you buy a houseplant in 2020-21? You’re not alone. The pandemic brought out the inner gardener in many of us. 

Another popular quarantine project? Growing weed. I live in an apartment in the city and have a 3-year old, so this was not the year for me. Yet the passion women growers have for the plant is contagious. I’m inspired by two sisters who found cannabis seeds in a sock drawer perfect for growing weed in their desert home’s closet, and by the expert grower whose first plant was on a secret NYC rooftop garden. With the help of women growers, we’ll walk you through all the practical decisions to make if you’re ready to dig in to growing at home. Step one, check out our map so you stay on the right side of the law

The benefits of growing weed on your own are way more than just a mason jar of bud. It seems silly to say, but with all the fancy packaging in dispensaries, it’s easy to forget that cannabis is actually a plant. Farm to table has a whole new meaning. Good luck! ❤️Ellen


1. Mental Health. As many “plant parents” know, taking care of a plant increases a sense of purpose, which helps decrease stress and anxiety. An added benefit of a cannabis plant? Scents connect to our brain, and the aroma of the plant brings on therapeutic, relaxing effects. 

2.  Save money. Growing weed at home isn’t without some fixed costs like lights and tools, but a DIY approach saves money on retail store markups and gives you easy access if there isn’t a dispensary near where you live.  

3. Medicine. While all cannabis sold in dispensaries is tested and regulated, growing at home ensures you know exactly what kind of plant food, fertilizer, and products touch your plants. 

4.  Make friends. All the women growers we talked to love to share their bounty. Whether you turn your final product into weed butter, body balm, or bag it up for friends & family, sharing home grown weed is a special part of the experience. Just don’t forget to clearly label any cannabis gifts. 

5. Mind the numbers. Historically, growing weed has been a male-dominated role. There are still not a lot of professional women growers, so learning this new skill could set you on a trailblazing path. If you’re not ready to grow at home yet, we always encourage you to buy from & support women growers in legal states.

We cover legal weed

So you must be legal, too. Age 21+ invited to continue.


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