July 27, 2022

Sativa, Indica, Hybrid

Classifying weed as sativa, indica and hybrid is actually less straightforward than you might think. The meaning of these classifications has evolved a lot over time, so why do people still rely on these terms to buy cannabis?

On this show, we break down exactly what sativa, indica and hybrid mean and why you probably shouldn’t choose your weed based solely on these classifications. Tune in to find out what questions to ask instead, plus some great tips to find the weed that will help you feel your best.

(13 minutes)

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Discover the fun of shopping for cannabis


Shayda Torabi

Texas Based Host of To Be Blunt Podcast and Co-Founder of Restart CBD.

“I was so excited to be legally purchasing cannabis that I got these truffles because they sounded so good. And I remember gobbling one up and kind of asking questions later. And then next thing I know it’s, ‘babe, the edible is kicking in.’ ”
(5 minutes)
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We cover legal weed

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