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When friends ask me what cannabis product they need, they’re surprised when I say…WEED LUBE! I believe every woman should have a cannabis-infused serum for sex in her bedside table. The benefits of weed lube are primarily for women, plus it makes sex feel great, helps if you have any pain, and won’t get you high. You have probably heard us rave about it on How to Do the Pot’s episodes about cannabis & sex. We also share how weed can bring more physical sensation to sex, help you stay present while keeping your to-do list out of your head, and give you a list of the best strains for sex.

Sex & weed is a very big topic, so recently we asked our favorite experts for answers to the top 5 questions we get from you. Whether you’re with a partner or on your own, try these tips for a little extra hot girl summer magic. ❤️Ellen


1. Why does cannabis make sex better for women? Since cannabis remains a Schedule 1 drug, there are limited research studies. Women’s sexuality is a very under-studied area in general, ie. the FDA has approved more than 20 drugs for men’s sexual health and one for women. Researchers believe that cannabis may improve sex by reducing anxiety, and consuming any type of cannabis is associated with heightened arousal, stronger orgasms, and greater sexual satisfaction for women. 

2. Do I have to get high? The short answer is no. Weed lubes that contain THC or CBD will not get you high. And NOT getting very high may be the secret to better sex. If you want to feel intoxicating effects, cannabis experts recommend choosing lower THC strains and microdosing while you figure out your favorite strains for sex and the dose that helps you feel your best. 

3. How does weed lube work? Weed lube is a serum for sex that contains either THC or CBD. It is applied topically to the clitoris, the labia, and intra-vaginally, and it takes 10-15 minutes to feel the effects. Both THC and CBD are vasodilating, which helps blood flow into the tissues – the primary function & basis of arousal. CBD lubes, which are available nationwide, are anti-inflammatory, help relax muscle tension, and relieve pain with sex. The pleasure impact of lubes with THC may feel stronger, and they are only available in legal states.

4.  I’m ready to try cannabis for sex, but where do I start? Try solo play first, so you learn how your body reacts to different products and strains – everyone has a unique response to cannabis. Knowing what works for you creates a more open conversation with a partner, whether or not they choose to consume. While some women swear by edibles for sex, they take 1-2 hours to feel and the effects can last for several hours. Smoking, which has faster onset & will wear off more quickly, might be a better option while you’re still experimenting.

5. What are the best products and strains for sex? The best product is the one that makes you feel amazing. Consider whether you want extra support with the physical or the mental effects of cannabis and buy the best quality product you can, since this is a very sensitive area. We love weed lubes from Quim, which are latex-condom safe, and Foria and Her Highness, which are not. They all offer CBD products that ship nationally and THC options available depending on where you live. Check out our list of the best strains for sex, and let us know what you love!

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