Sleep Better with Cannabis 💤

If you’re anything like me, your sleep cycle has probably suffered under the stress of the last two years. Our new podcast series, Sleep 101, is dedicated to helping you rediscover a more restful nightly snooze. Sleep is a complicated topic on its own, and when you add weed…there’s a lot to cover. The key question to consider is whether you need help falling asleep or staying asleep. We walk you through how cannabis affects your dreams, the different stages of sleep, and share the importance of nightly rituals. 

And it wouldn’t be a weed show without some great tips on THC, CBD, edibles, and how to find your favorite strains for sleep. Do you have specific questions? Hit REPLY and we’ll try our best to answer them or point you in the right direction. Here’s to better sleep – tonight! ❤️ Ellen


1. TOP TIPS. Setting a consistent bedtime and limiting screen time before bed can help you maintain a healthy wake-sleep cycle. The female hormone cycle, menopause, and pregnancy can all affect sleep, and it’s common to have a harder time sleeping as your hormones fluctuate.

2. START WITH CBD. CBD can relax your body and mind, and it will help you sleep through the night. I often recommend people start with CBD for sleep because it’s legal in all 50 states. Remember, you’ll need to take CBD consistently for at least two weeks to feel the effects. 

3. THC FOR FALLING ASLEEP. THC can help you fall asleep fast but it can disrupt your REM cycle and inhibit the dream stage of sleep, which is ok for some people but not for others. 

4. IS IT HABIT FORMING? Unlike prescription sleep aids, which lose efficacy the more frequently you take them, as your body becomes accustomed to consuming cannabis for sleep it can become incorporated into your circadian rhythm and make it easier to fall asleep fast. 

5. WHAT TO TRY? Nighttime edibles with either THC or CBD are a very popular option to help you get to sleep. They take 1-2 hours to feel, so please don’t take another! Looking for strain recs? Listen to our episode Fall Asleep Fast with Weed to find the best sleep strain for you. 

We cover legal weed

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