December 6, 2023

Sleep, Hot Flashes, Weight Gain & Cannabis

Did you know that 1 in 4 women are turning to cannabis to address menopause symptoms, including sleep disruptions? In part three of our series on navigating menopause, we focus on the intricate link between poor sleep, hot flashes, and weight gain during this phase of life. Sleep is crucial for maintaining health and vitality, and THC can play a key role in regulating body temperature and reducing the impact of hot flashes on sleep. I hope you’ll tune in!

(25 minutes)

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Sasha Kalcheff-Korn

Colorado based Executive Director at Realm of Caring.

“I was a mother on a mission to find something to assist my sleep so I would stop waking up thinking that my infant son was about to fall down the stairs. I researched the dispensary menu ahead of time, I understood what I wanted based on research and showed up with confidence for my purchase. It was efficient, and I found an edible product that I was happy with.”
(13 minutes)
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