Ready to Grow Your Own Cannabis? 🌿🍃

With spring finally starting to bloom, my thoughts have turned to plants, flowers, and gardening. I’ve been a “plant mom” for a while now, and this year I’m excited to take some of my own advice from our Grow Your Own episodes to grow a cannabis plant for the first time. If you’re considering a plant project, check out our short podcast episodes that share all you need to know – and please pay attention to the legal requirements where you live. 

It’s been a long winter for so many of us, and I’m ready for more beauty, blooms, and buds in my life. I hope you enjoy these tips and please hit REPLY to share your favorite strains to grow, or to ask me any gardening questions. Can’t wait to hear from you! ❤️ Ellen


1. MINDSET MATTERS: Like any kind of gardening, growing your own weed requires a lot of time, care, and of course, the right mindset. If you’re feeling more anxious about it than excited, it might not be the right project for you — and that’s okay! There are plenty of women growers to support instead.

2. BIG DECISIONS: If you’re ready to dive in, there are a couple of important things to consider first, like whether you want to plant inside or outside, or grow from a seed, a clone, or an auto flower plant. While there’s no one-size-fits-all decision, this episode will help you determine what makes the most sense for you.

3. SHARING IS CARING: Growing your own weed will save you money in the long run, but the upfront costs may seem daunting at first. If this is the case, sharing a communal garden with friends might be a great option for you. We offer some more money saving suggestions like buying tools from your local nursery to avoid premiums or feeding your plants with what’s already in your kitchen in our Grow Your Own episodes.

4. WHEN TO HARVEST: Each strain has its own flowering time, so you’ll want to pay close attention to the color of your plant’s trichomes—the sticky little hairs on the cannabis flower—to help you determine when it’s ready to harvest. For more harvesting tips, check out this episode. 

5. DRY & CURE LIKE A PRO: The final step requires the most patience, because the longer and slower the drying and curing process, the better your cannabis will turn out. Stick with it! You’re so close to the finish line, and we share our favorite drying and curing methods in this episode.

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