The gift of a sexy holiday

As creators of How to Do the Pot, we are major lovers of podcasts and all things audio. One of the reasons women love podcasts is the ability to multi-task while you listen. So after 8 months of lovin’ your one-and-only, 8 months of lovin’ yourself – and with…eeek, 8 months to go? ‘Tis the season to get creative with your lovin’.  

With one week until Christmas, we have three questions for you: Have you heard of Dipsea? Have you listened to Dipsea? Have you listened to Dipsea high? It’s likely you have a question for us: What’s Dipsea? It’s an app with sexy audio stories that spark your imagination and get you in the mood. From lessons in deep breathing to episodic stories that explore every shade of sexuality, pipe Dipsea into your headphones or your Sonos – for your own audio pleasure or to share and, well…what comes next is up to you. 

Seriously, after the year we’ve had, a great gift for anyone is to get high and listen to sexy stories – a true expression of modern self-care. ☮ April

1. How are cannabis & sex connected?

First, it’s about the endocannabinoid system, or ECS, the balancing system in our body. For a refresher on the ECS, listen to Episode 1 of How to Do the Pot. Then it’s about receptors, molecules in your body that take in chemical info from external sources. After the brain, women’s pelvic regions have the 2nd most receptors to cannabis. Adding THC or CBD activates endocannabinoids like anandamide (“the bliss molecule”) that are already in the body. 

2. Why does cannabis support women’s sexuality? 

Basically, cannabis helps amp up what your body already does naturally, but maybe not so easily – due to the many stressors of daily life. Cannabis applied topically to your sex organs is vasodilating. That means it allows blood vessels to open, which leads to an increase in blood flow, self-lubrication and sensitivity – the basis of physical arousal. We recommend starting with topical cannabis because it will not get you high, since it only stimulates the physical area where you put it. 

3. What is weed lube?

Weed lube is a topical lubricant containing cannabis and coconut oil. Apply it topically with your fingers to the area where you want increased sensitivity, and wait 10-20 minutes to feel the effects. As with any product for your absorptive mucosal membranes (sounds sexy, right?) like the vagina or urethra, quality ingredients really matter. Check the Certificate of Analysis, and we have tips for what to look for here. We trust products from ForiaQuim, and Mello

4. What is different about weed lube with CBD or THC?

CBD lube can be purchased nationally, and weed lube with THC is only available in licensed dispensaries. Both CBD and THC are vasodilating, but topicals with THC have a stronger or more immediate noticeable effect. If you have any pain with sex, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that help relax muscle tension. 

5. To help you start the conversation with your partner:

What is motivating you to bring cannabis into the bedroom? It will help to know why you’re considering it and be able to communicate that to your partner. Is it because of pain or a pelvic-related condition like endometriosis? Or is it challenging to relax because you can’t stop thinking about the bills, the pandemic, the kids, and everything else 2020? Cannabis brings stronger, longer orgasms, increased intimacy, and more relaxation – all great reasons to try it. But weed lube smells like weed – so you can’t just sneak it into the bedroom. We believe that consent is the most important part of sex and sexuality.

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