January 18, 2023

Top Episode of 2022

How to Do the Pot’s 2022 roundup is here! The most popular episode of the year was “Treating Crohn’s Disease with Cannabis,” the first episode in our series about autoimmune diseases. Since women make up nearly 80% of autoimmune patients, we’re not surprised this episode was so widely shared. 

This episode and series is full of information about how cannabinoids like THC and CBD have anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties that can help improve autoimmune disease symptoms. I’m so glad it resonated with so many of you and hope it has sparked important conversations with your doctors about cannabis as an alternative treatment option. And if you haven’t listened yet, I definitely recommend tuning in!

(28 minutes)

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Discover the fun of shopping for cannabis


Brooke Burgstahler

California based founder Budding Mind.

It was a beautiful experience. It taught me early on that some weed is stronger than others, and that I’d need to find the right recipe for my own experiences.
(4 minutes)
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"Cannabis Curious? Featuring Ellen Scanlon"

hosted by jenn trepeck

I was a guest on this wellness podcast and got personal about managing my endometriosis symptoms with weed. Listen in to hear my tips on how to approach healthy cannabis consumption for sleep, sex, and stress.

“American Ivy, Chapter 1”

hosted by avery trufelman

A trend forecaster looks back at a report from 2016, a prominent fashion buyer shares their predictions for the upcoming season, and the host ponders the enduring appeal of a certain trend that somehow keeps coming back.

We cover legal weed

So you must be legal, too. Age 21+ invited to continue.


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