What is the Perfect Weed for Your Weekend?

I’ve been thinking about “good weed” as I’m finally, happily, getting together with friends. If I’m bringing the cannabis, I want to bring high quality, tested products from a licenced dispensary and ensure it will enhance what we’re doing – whether it’s an intimate dinner, a day by the water, or an outdoor concert. Yet different occasions might call for different types of weed. How do you decide on the right weed for the party? 

This week’s episode has tips to help you choose the perfect cannabis to share or keep for yourself. We crack the code on why classifications like indica, sativa and hybrid aren’t always helpful, get tips from industry pros about how much THC and CBD to choose in your products, and learn why smelling your weed is the fastest way to finding your favorite strains. Happy summer! ❤️Ellen


1. What are your plans? After many months of limited options, social events are back! Before you head to a party, think about what type of intoxicating effects you want, how long you want effects to last, and whether the cannabis needs to be discreet – an edible, oil tincture, or vape, instead of smoking. 

2. Sativa, Indica, Hybrid. These classic cannabis categories have botanical history behind them, but in practice don’t always meet expectations for how you want to feel. Most budtenders make some assumptions: asking for a sativa means you want to feel energized, an indica means you want a heavy body, and a hybrid is a blend of both. 

3. How high do you want to be? Pay attention to product labels that show the amount of THC and CBD, in percentages or in milligrams. You will likely feel intoxicated with THC levels over 20% in flower or prerolls, or with more than 5mg of THC in edibles. CBD provides a balancing effect to help ease into re-discovering what a social high means for you. 

4.  Your nose knows. If you can, smell cannabis before consuming it to be introduced to its terpenes. Terpenes are similar to essential oils and give weed its smell and taste. Whether you like or dislike the smell can give you a strong hint about whether you’ll like the effects. 

5. Try classic strains. Having a few favorite strains is fun and can help you put clear language around how you want to feel. But remember cannabis is a plant that depends on growing conditions, location, and nature, so expect some variations. For classic strains available in most dispensaries, try a sativa like Durban Poison, an indica like Grandaddy Purp, or a hybrid like Gelato. 

We cover legal weed

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