What’s so “bad” about THC?

We talk about getting high a lot on How to Do the Pot and in this newsletter but we’ve never talked about it quite like you’ll hear in the episode that drops this Tuesday – and marks my final episode with the show as its inaugural host. As the show’s co-creator, I’ve spent two years developing the content and designing the podcast as a brand – on website & socials & this newsletter. Tuesday’s episode is my first foray into audio design. Thanks to lively conversations with women who can only be described as High Guides, the upcoming episode and this newsletter celebrate what I describe as “heritage high.” Think…smoking flower…for the THC…from a bong…to be high…on purpose. The High Five below offers more on THC, the stuff that gets you high – and induces magical thinking. Please listen and lmk what you think because I’m developing a new audio experience for you to enjoy by following my new show The High Guide wherever you listen to podcasts.  THANK YOU for allowing me to share with you what I’ve learned about how to do the pot. Ellen has lots more stories with lots more incredible women. Stay tuned…in. xXx AP  

1. THC is not the “bad” cannabinoid: Project CBD shares on its website that “diehard marijuana prohibitionists are exploiting the good news about CBD to further stigmatize high-THC cannabis…Why? Because CBD doesn’t make you feel high like THC does. Project CBD categorically rejects this moralistic, reefer madness dichotomy in favor of whole plant cannabis therapeutics.” Word.

2. Remember your ratio: April likes to say CBD takes the “stoned” out of THC  – the bigger the CBD number, the less stoned. For say a 20:1 CBD:THC product, CBD is 20x more likely to bind to a receptor than THC.

3. Delta-8-THC, the gentler high: The THC we are discussing in this newsletter is Delta-9-THC, the stuff (cannabinoid) that gets you high. The Delta-8-THC (D8) cannabinoid provides a high that is 60-70% of a Delta-9-THC high, and like CBD, D8 is available to ship throughout the US. 

4. Pot potency has significantly increased:  From 1999 to 2017, the THC content in cannabis products intensified 4x –  bringing the average potency of THC in cannabis products currently sold in dispensaries is between 18% and 23%. Is commercialized pot simply GMO?

5. THC isn’t the only cannabinoid that gets you high: In a study released at the end of 2020, researchers revealed findings on THCP, a newly discovered cannabinoid that has over 30 times the affinity than THC. Translation:  THCP is 33x more active than THC within the human’s endocannabinoid system. It’s presence in cannabis may explain the wild variations in individual “highs”.

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