February 7, 2024

Why My Grandma Loves Weed

Did you know that seniors are the fastest-growing group of cannabis consumers in the U.S.? With cannabis offering relief for pain and other age-related health issues, it’s inspiring to see older generations finding comfort with weed. In this week’s episode, writer Lauren Yoshiko shares how helping her grandma navigate the cannabis scene led her to surprising insights about the cannabis industry as a whole. If you’re curious about how weed could benefit your parents or grandparents, I hope you’ll tune in!

(21 minutes)

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Kim Howard

California based co-founder of Green Bee Botanicals.

“I had back pain and was given heavy-duty painkillers for it. At the time I had no idea that cannabis could be pain relieving without making you high. There are products that will relieve your pain, relieve your nausea, relieve your anxiety, all without giving you a psychoactive effect.”
(12 minutes)
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