All Your CBD Questions, Answered

Did you know that nearly 60 percent of Americans don’t know what CBD is? But people are definitely curious – a Google search for CBD brings up more than 2.4 BILLION results! I’m guessing the top questions are: is CBD safe, and will it get me high? If you are asking these questions, you’re in luck. Our series Weed Words tackles the cannabis words & phrases that you feel like you should know, but maybe don’t. In this week’s episode on CBD, we answer these and other questions about CBD’s history, it’s rise in popularity, and why it actually works. 

Since it’s December, we also want to make it easy for you to share your knowledge with friends and family in the form of a perfect cannabis gift for the holidays. And I want to thank you for learning with us this year – it’s been a pleasure teaching you how to do the pot. Happy holidays! ❤️ Ellen


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1. Grandma. Many seniors are benefiting from incorporating CBD into their daily routines, but drug interactions with cannabis edibles can be complicated. Try a different direction – a topical CBD balm or lotion has anti-inflammatory properties that can be absorbed through the skin to aid pain relief. Try Sagely Naturals or Blissful Stoner Body Essentials

2. Mom. Moms spend a lot of time thinking about other people, and we all need to take a moment to take care of ourselves, especially around the holidays. A CBD bath bomb gives her that break, with benefits. Besides the glorious feeling of a good soak, the skin is our largest organ and a great way to absorb CBD and all of its stress-lowering properties. We’ve also got you covered if you’re looking for tips on how to talk to your parents about weed. Try Make & Mary or OM epsom salts.

3. A great friend. First, tell all your girlfriends about weed for sex. And then gift her one of our favorite products to increase pleasure and bring on the heightened sensations that lead to better, stronger orgasms – CBD lube. Women feel the benefits of CBD lube because it helps relax muscles, increases blood flow and expands your capacity for arousal. It also supports women who have any pain with sex due to endometriosis or other pelvic disorders. Try Quim

4. Your pup. Are you traveling over the holidays or spending some extended time without your loyal pooch by your side? CBD oil tinctures can help reduce anxiety and support GI health if too many leftovers are wreaking havoc on your dog’s system. Start with a low dose of full spectrum CBD and pay attention to how your dog feels – sleepiness is a common reaction. Always talk with your vet about what’s right for your pet, and look for third party tested lab results on the website of any pet CBD company. Vet CBD is available in CA and Suzie’s CBD Treats & Healthy Roots Paws ship nationally. 

5. Yourself! It’s been a very long, challenging year-plus…and we all could use a little extra love. Two of my most favorite products are CBD softgels from Equilibria, which ship nationally, and edibles from Kiva Camino, which contain THC + CBD and are available in AZ, CA, MI, NV and OH. I’ve described the feeling they bring on as a warm hug, and I get lots of hugs in return when I give these as gifts. So please, treat yourself!

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