10 Best CBD Products For Menstrual Pain Relief

Weed tampons and weed lube enhance intimacy.


No one enjoys their time of the month. But who said that it had to be that bad in the first place? Weed has proven to be effective in providing many women menstrual pain relief, and we’re here to relay the best CBD products that may do wonders for you.


Calivolve, Restore Truffles – Cherry, Mint, Matcha – CBD truffles are crafted with ashwagandha, energizing maca, and full spectrum, pure-American hemp to rejuvenate your muscles and mind.

Equilibria, Relief Cream – Great for aches, pains, and cramps. The all-rounder when it comes to menstrual pain relief! This better-than-topical cream absorbs into the skin without entering the bloodstream.

Fleur Marche, Le PMS kit – Need we say more? This is definitely one of our absolute favorites when it comes to menstrual pain relief.

Quim, Smooth Operator – Hemp CBD-infused, latex-safe serum designed to increase blood flow and promote pelvic relaxation plus decrease inflammation and pain.

Quim, Happy Clam – Think of it as ‘eye cream for your vagina’™.

Rosebud CBD, Extra Strength CBD Oil – Rosebud’s Extra Strength tincture is the brand’s most concentrated option to aid in feeling calm and balanced, decreased anxiety, reduced inflammation, and healthier sleep cycles.

Sweet Releaf, Comfort™ Body Butter – Formulated with 14:1 THC:CBD full spectrum, terpene-rich cannabis. Available from licensed cannabis retailers only.  

Sweet Releaf, Comfort Warms™ Dry Oil  – For deep menstrual pain relief while on-the-go and created in Ayurvedic tradition from small-batch, full spectrum cannabis with a 14:1 THC:CBD. Available from licensed cannabis retailers only.

Papa & Barkley, CBD Releaf Patch – An extended-release transdermal patch that discreetly offers up to 12 hours of pain relief for your whole body. Available from licensed cannabis retailers only.Available from licensed cannabis retailers only.

Kush Queen, Relieve CBD Bath Bomb – Formulated with essential oils to relieve body aches & fatigue as well as combat stress.


There’s NOT a lot of controversy or conflict of feelings around postpartum sex. It is scary to think about putting something in – where a child just came out of your body. To help ease that transition, whenever you’re ready for it, Quim, a women-led company in California has an amazing product, perfect for postpartum sex called Smooth Operator, and it ships nationwide. It’s hemp derived CBD, and it’s aloe based. Why should you care about that? Because aloe and latex can work together. It’s a latex friendly serum and lubricant, and all Quim products fight the cycle of vaginal dryness. Using a lubricant which often contains glycerin can lead to UTI’s, antibiotics and yeast infections. Rinse and repeat. Thanks to Quim, you no longer have to worry about that cycle on top of sore nipples and sticking a you know what in a you know where. Buy this now and prepare for a pleasurable reentry to intimacy. 

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