Cannabis for Period Pain

Since we launched How to Do the Pot’s new website late last year, we’ve noticed one section that gets a lot of interest: weed for period pain. More than 80 percent of women have experienced menstrual cramps, and cannabis is a solution growing in popularity for its effectiveness with minimal side effects. CBD especially is showing great promise in treating cramps. The best part? You don’t have to live in a legal state to try it, since CBD is available for purchase all across the U.S. 

Painful cramps from Endometriosis are a regular part of my life, and I am so grateful for the cannabis survival kit that I’ve curated over time. Having oil tinctures, lotions, suppositories, vape pens and edibles in my medicine cabinet eases the anxiety that comes with unpredictable pain every month. Cannabis for period pain has truly changed my life and it’s an amazing natural resource for women, whatever your monthly pain levels. I hope you’ll help us spread the word. ❤️ Ellen


1. OIL TINCTURES – If you’re looking for an alternative to Midol or Tylenol, cannabis oil tinctures are a great place to start. Here’s the science: Before your period, the endometrial cells that line the uterus break down and release prostaglandins which causes dysmenorrhea, or cramps. CBD inhibits the enzyme that creates prostaglandins, effectively reducing menstrual pain at its root. Most oil tinctures come with a dosage guide on the dropper or you can start with about ¼ of the glass tube. Hold the oil under your tongue for 30-60 seconds and you’ll feel the effects within 15-30 minutes.  

2. TOPICAL CREAMS – Topical cannabis products for pain are an easy way to experiment with what works best for your body. They won’t get you high and can make a big difference for menstrual pain. When you’re shopping, look on the label for full spectrum cannabis. Rub CBD infused lotion or balm directly onto tender parts – your lower abdomen, lower back, or wherever you feel your period pain – to fight the inflammation that causes monthly discomfort. Apply liberally and often to minimize pain within a few minutes. 
3. SUPPOSITORIES – Vaginal suppositories might sound a bit intimidating, but they are great period pain fighters. They are small – about the size of a nickel – and really easy to use. Suppositories look like a tampon without an applicator and are inserted the same way. Remember to lay on your back with your pelvis raised for about 15 minutes so the suppository doesn’t melt and end up in your underwear, or my favorite non-cannabis period product, Thinx. You can insert a tampon after the suppository, and menstrual pain will start to subside within 30 minutes. A great benefit of suppositories? Long lasting relief, typically 6-8 hours. 

4. EDIBLES – As hormones shift during our periods, it’s common to feel a rise in stress, anxiety, and insomnia. If you struggle with these monthly symptoms, how does CBD-infused chocolate & some herbal tea with cannabis infused honey sound to you? Adding extra CBD to your routine a few days before your period helps to balance your body and can minimize day 1 or day 2 pain in your cycle. Remember, edibles take 1-2 hours to feel the effects and they last for 6-8 hours, so they are a great option if you need some extra support for sleep during your cycle too. 

5. SMOKING – If your period pain tends to come on without warning, have a discreet vape pen on hand during your time of the month. Inhaling cannabis is the fastest way to combat cramps, usually within 5 minutes, and a high-CBD strain can benefit your mind and body. If you don’t want to try a vape, look for pre-rolls or flower in beloved strains for period pain like Blackberry Kush or OG Kush. You might feel some couch lock with these strains, but if your cramps are really bad, that may be what your body needs! 

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