Ready to Try Cooking with Cannabis?

If eating cannabis conjures up a bad memory of a too-strong weed cookie, you are not alone. Many people have sworn off edibles after a small bite turned into hours of feeling too high. Yet edibles are a discreet and popular way to consume cannabis for fun, and they provide long-lasting relief for medical patients.

Once you learn the right dose, you can get creative with cannabis & cooking. In this week’s podcast, we talk to expert cannabis chefs who prep you with all the tips you’ll need to make delicious infused food at home. Bon Appetit! ❤️ Ellen


1. Before you try this at home…Buy an edible from a licensed dispensary to learn what dose and combination of THC or CBD is best for you. Start with a microdose of 2 to 5mg of THC, and look for edibles with CBD for more balanced effects. In California try Kiva Camino, or in Michigan try Sarah Jane Microbites. Remember when you eat cannabis, it can take 1-2 hours to feel it and the effects can last from 6-8 hours, depending on the dose. 

2. Get a cookbook. Expert chefs have labored in the test kitchen to help guide you on the steps to dosing and making cannabis taste delicious in The 420 Gourmet and The Art of Weed Butter

3. Cook the weed. Decarboxylate is a big word that means heating the cannabis in the oven. If you don’t cook it before adding it to a recipe, you won’t feel any intoxicating effects. 

4.  Infuse it. Cannabis infused with oil or butter can be used as an ingredient in all kinds of recipes. If you want to cook with weed but aren’t ready to do it all yourself, Potli makes kitchen staples like olive oil, honey or sriracha with CBD versions available nationwide & THC versions in California. 

5. Try a recipe. We hope you’re feeling inspired to head to the kitchen, and we pulled together some beginner-friendly infused recipes just for you, including: canna jammy-jammaraschino pickled cannabisrose protein barscanna butter or cheddar bae biscuits. We are so grateful to chefs Cynthia SestitoMichellee FoxAndie Leon and Amanda Jackson for sharing their cannabis-infused recipes. Head to for all the details.

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