August 3, 2023

Sober Curious? Hop on the Growing Trend of Weed Drinks

Have you tried a cannabis beverage yet? These low-dose, weed-infused drinks have been making a splash as a refreshing alternative to alcohol. Women love them because they’re easy to socialize with, and they provide an enjoyable, feel-good high without the dreaded hangover. In today’s episode, I’ll delve into the reasons why cannabis beverages are becoming the go-to choice for the sober-curious.

(22 minutes)

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Discover the fun of shopping for cannabis


Jamie Evans

California based founder of The Herb Somm.

“As soon as that delivery car arrived, I went out and met my driver. I remember feeling this sense of excitement of where the industry was going – I really saw the potential of cannabis and how it can improve so many different lives.”
(5 minutes)
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