12 Best Weed Strains For Your Stash

Weed for Every Woman



  • ACDC, Perfect for Every Woman 
  • Blackberry Kush, Period Pain Fighter
  • Bubble Gum, America’s Next Favorite Strain
  • Cinex, Fits Like a Glass Slipper
  • Durban Poison, The Espresso of Cannabis
  • GSC, The Sexy Cookies Strain
  • Harlequin, A Lil’ Bit High & Super Popular
  • Headband, Long Lasting Playtime
  • OG Kush, Super Stress & Sleep Aid
  • Sour Diesel, Smoke Your Sunshine
  • Strawberry Cough, The Ultimate Mental Health Strain
  • XJ-13, The Giggly Pot


Finding the best weed strains requires practice & patience. Think of sampling cannabis like buying the lipstick versus the dress. Try a gram at a time and keep a strain journal to determine the cannabinoids and terpenes best to treat your specific condition.


Weed quantities are measured & sold in grams, fractions of an ounce.

1/8 OF AN OUNCE (OZ) = 3.5 GRAMS
1/4 OZ = 7 GRAMS
1 OZ = 28 GRAMS


What does it help with? SOCIAL ANXIETY

How high will I get? ACDC is a 20:1 CBD strain. This means there is 20x more CBD than THC so you will not feel intoxicated. 

How will it make me feel? Get ready for your shoulders to drop and have relaxed conversations without intoxicating results.

Why do women love it? Think of ACDC as a glass of champagne: an invitation to be present, a non-commitment, acceptable in the morning. One of the best weed strains to share with a “mixed group” of friends who have zero to infinite experience with cannabis. This strain is so beloved, it’s a dispensary staple. 

What will it inspire? One of the best weed strains for socializing in small groups of familiar and unfamiliar company.

keep in mind

In states where it’s legal to open up a jar & sniff, DO IT! When you smell flower, it connects with you or it doesn’t. Follow your nose. If it doesn’t smell good to you, it’s probably not meant to be consumed by you.


What does it help with? PAIN, STRESS, ANXIETY, SLEEP

How high will I get? This potent strain will have you horizontal.

How will it make me feel? Blackberry Kush is a staple for pain management because of its strong body high effects and the elevated mood that settles in. Other effects that are likely include increased hunger, couchlock and severe dry mouth. 

Why do women love it? Anaprox is a muscle relaxant often prescribed for period cramp relief – and passed around locker rooms and sorority houses.  It’s time to graduate to Blackberry Kush, the Anaprox of cannabis. But whereas that one pill kills a single symptom, this potent strain relaxes raging cramps as well as the anxiety, stress and insomnia brought on by raging hormones. Pills are child’s play – women prefer – and deserve – flower.

What will it inspire? This is one of the best weed strains that will take the edge off after strenuous exercise or an invasive outpatient procedure.


What does it help with? Stress and anxiety, motivation, sex and socializing. 

How high will I get? Bubblegum produces a moderate high with energizing effects for your mind, as well as a mild body high. You’ll probably notice yourself feeling more present than usual, keeping your mind from spiraling into the future and its unknowns. 

How will it make me feel? Think about buying a new bubblegum pack. Unwrapping a big piece of old-school Hubba Bubba. So happy, uplifted and relaxed. Having described the strain as both body heavy and energizing. Bubblegum is a perfect example of the fact that not all strains that settle you into your body require sacrificing an uplift of energy. Relaxed doesn’t necessarily mean zapped of energy, right? With Bubblegum, relaxed means a calm approach to the work at hand, however long it may take is not a worry at all. You’ll have plenty of energy to see it through. But the strain can bring on dry mouth, so keep some Hubba Bubba on hand.

Why do women love it? Bubble Gum is one of the best weed strains that tastes delicious. Bubblegum is also a favorite because it helps you to confront your tasks with ease and a relaxed body and mind. Bubblegum lets your body be.  

What will it inspire? Imagine you’re pleasantly cocooned in a hazy pink Hubba Bubba bubble. You can stay safe and focused inside and still be aware of the world outside. You just have it on mute, so you can enjoy the blissful moments of physical and mental wellbeing, as far apart as they may be. 


What does it help with? ANXIETY

How high will I get? Cinex produces a moderate high. 

How will it make me feel? Ever stick your tongue on a battery? The result is a slightly uncomfortable yet slightly addictive acute, harmless energy exchange. Yes, this is a real sensation and, yes, Cinex will kinda make you feel like that – an energetic body high that melts anxiety.

Why do women love it? Increased energy and stamina although some report that this strain may interfere with sleep if taken within 2 hours of bedtime. 

What will it inspire? One of the best weed strains that Inspires focused, creative play.


What does it help with? Motivation, stress, acute depression, creativity. 

How high will I get? This strain’s head high comes quickly, producing an uplifted euphoric feeling that is strong. You will most definitely feel like an extrovert’s version of very high, social, talkative and ready for fun.

How will it make me feel? Durban poison is pure Sativa. Known for energetic uplifting effects, the effects of Durban Poison are pretty immediate and include buzzing energy and a flurry of mental activity. Durban poison is a good choice if you’re prone to anxiety.

Why do women love it? Before the social restrictions of COVID, Durban Poison was one of the best weed strains for that Friday night when you’re committed to go out, but are without the energy or the mood to add to the good times. We all have a cheat. So choose coffee on Friday morning and Durban Poison for Friday night to smile from sunrise to well after sunset.

What will it inspire? Recommended for daytime and nighttime party time, either way Durban Poison is our pick for best weed strains. During the day, Durban Poison is the strain for getting your house cleaned with a smile on your face, and assurance that every corner has been dusted and every drawer organized within an inch of its life. Whether embarking on strenuous outdoor exercise, following through on a creative project, or preparing for a party, just add Durban Poison.


What does it help with? Pain relief, nausea, appetite, and sex. 

How high will I get? By crossing two popular strains, and one unspecified, the underground breeding collective cookie family, or cookie fam, elevated GSCs THC levels to an average of 25 to 28%. That’s a lot of THC and probably the highest on our Saturday Strains list. So expect to feel it. The strain has great street credibility too. Numerous High Times Cannabis Cup awards, which is kind of like the Academy Awards of weed.

How it made me feel? First for the fun stuff, you will feel very high. Think drinking liquor versus beer, except with an inspired mind and fully relaxed body. GSC will have you feeling warm on the inside and introspective, like a buzz after your second double of Scotch or Whiskey. But GSC can tip you into couch lock, so dose accordingly, and make sure to either have snacks on hand, or lock up your food.

Why do women love it? Women love GSC because it earns them a very different Girl Scout badge, because GSC is the strain for sex and masturbation. Why? Aside from its reputation for facilitating natural moisture in women, the strain also transports you into a very lifelike fantasy land. Vivid and euphoric daydreams are to be expected after smoking Cookies and they are best enjoyed with your eyes closed and mind open.

What will it inspire? Say you give yourself permission to just get super high and have lots of sex. A Cookies high will inspire greater intimacy through deeper conversations, relaxed body vibes, and creative thinking, sure to better session in bed. Or maybe you’re alone, this is a perfect strain for masturbating. And remember, Girl Scout Cookies gets you higher longer, so plan to enjoy yourself for a long while. Your set and setting may look something like this.


What does it help with? ANXIETY, PAIN

How high will I get? The “labs” – testing for THC & CBD – vary from grower to grower. Harlequin is most consistently a 2:1 CBD strain yet you’ll also find 1:1 phenotypes. Many describe this as the closest to weed from the 1970’s with mild and pleasantly intoxicating effects.  

How will it make me feel? Calms anxiety and stress with feelings of euphoria.

Why do women love it? Harlequin is high CBD and low THC, which provides is the magic formula for relief from chronic pain without a work/chore-hindering high. Often recommended as the starter strain for those new to consuming cannabis. 

What will it inspire? One of the best weed strains for chronic pain relief or meditating rather than “getting high”.


Pennywise, Critical Mass CBD


What does it help with? Creative thinking and stress reduction. 

How high will I get? Headband is a strain that produces different effects, depending on how much of the strain you consume. A smaller dose, like one or two hits from a vape offers an uplift similar to an afternoon green tea. A heavier hit of Headband, like from joint or pre-roll, and you’ll feel more classically stoned with less linear thoughts. More Headband will also punch up the body high effects, which can make you feel physically sedated. The high from Headband is said to last longer than average. Even in users with relatively high tolerance for THC. 

How will it make me feel? Take advantage of the initial immediate uplifting effects on your mood. That will prove energizing, because ultimately, Headband will have you looking for a place to chill and enjoy the warm body high it delivers. Named for the tightening around the temples as if you’re wearing a headband. This tightening, or feeling of pressure, is due to the strain’s THC dilating blood vessels in the face, so you can also expect that you’re going to have some blood vessels dilated in your eyes. You’re going to get red-eyed.

Why do women love it? Because coffee is necessary, but not necessarily inspired in its adrenaline rush. When you want a generous side of euphoria coffee just won’t do. 

What will it inspire? Headband is one of the best weed strains to get your head into a creative state of play. It’ll give you no better choice than to lean into meandering thoughts. Headband is a high that needs to be in nature. It’ll give you the freedom to get to creative conclusions and you can start a framework for a plan, but remember it may not be the best state to come up with the literal actual plan. You will be higher longer, so enjoy it. Get creative.


What does it help with? Stress, anxiety, depression, migraines, ADHD. 

How high will I get? Weed from the Kush family of strains typically offer a warm body buzz with an exceptional dose of euphoria. OG Kush is no exception, delivering immediate, long-lasting, heavy hitting effects, you’ll feel a euphoric high and a heavy body. Something to remember, when using cannabis to relieve pain, you’ll experience a less intense head high, meaning the medicine is working on the pain and not your brain, so to speak. THC disrupts pain signals, leaving little “energy” to induce euphoria. Simply put, when you need weed to work for your pain, don’t expect it to also show up to play with your brain.

How will it make me feel? OG Kush delivers a euphoric stress-reducing high. For years, consumers have respected the strain as a healer that provides a dependable head high and less body pain. OG Kush brings on the munchies so have your favorite snacks ready, and also have something to sip on and eye drops because your mouth and your eyes will probably get dry. If you like the sound of this, but one a less heavy-hitting pain-reducing strain, check out episode 32 about Blackberry Kush.

Why do women love it? OG Kush is one of the best weed strains for pain and stress in no small part thanks to its dominant terpene, myrcene. In fact, other plants with high levels of myrcene, like hops, lemongrass, mango and cardamom, have been used for centuries for their pain-relieving qualities. A little background. OG Kush genetics are derivative of landrace strain, Hindu Kush and ChemDog. Hindu Kush is a cannabis cultivar native to the Hindu Kush mountain range that spans Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. To create OG Kush Hindu Kush was cross-bred with ChemDog, a strain that includes the terpene myrcene, and the result is a strain with the power to heal pain. Myrcene’s sedative and anti-inflammatory properties provide mental and muscle relaxation, making it an often suggested strain for women who are experiencing symptoms of menopause, such as sleeplessness and mood disorders.

What will it inspire? A great, knocked-out, best-night-of-my-life sleep and no morning drowsy after effects. If you suffer from chronic pain, this will help it lift and allow you to do all the things a pain-free body lets you explore. If a stressed mind makes it hard to sit and relax, OG Kush may provide the right kind of Couch Lock.


What does it help with? Stress, anxiety, migraines, nausea

How high will I get? While there is no CBD, the THC is low so the buzz is moderate. 

How will it make me feel? One of the best weed strains to offer focused, long lasting energy with an elevated mood – and expect increased hunger.

Why do women love it? Easy does it, less is more. A top choice among medical patients who need to be okay with the sight and smell of food. Often described as a strain to smoke your sunshine, Sour Diesel is a popular alternative to anti-depressants.

What will it inspire? Because this strain won’t bring on couch-lock, you will want to take a walk, enjoy nature and practice yoga.

Best pot products for MIGRAINE pain

Cannabis products we recommend to help manage migraine symptoms.


What does it help with? SOCIAL ANXIETY

How high will I get? Extremely.  

How will it make me feel? Strawberry Cough invokes a happy high that encourages socialization and is favored by those who suffer from anxiety, depression.

Why do women love it? Don’t let its sweet strawberry smell fool you, this powerful strain may invoke mild paranoia and is likely to cause coughing as well as dry mouth.

What will it inspire? Energy boosting and mood enhancing effects are great for a hike or other exercise. 


Chocolope, Sour Tangie, Blue Dream, Maui Wowie, Super Silver Haze, Jilly Bean


What does it help with? Anxiety, socializing, motivation like exercise. 

How high will I get? XJ-13 produces a moderately intoxicating energizing high that will not induce paranoia, making it great for novice consumers. 

How will it make me feel? Be gone stress and bad moods. This is a daytime friendly strain that tapers down to a chill, peaceful sense of well-being. Your body will feel pain-free and light and your thoughts will be clear and calm.

Why do women love it? Because laughing really, really hard is good for us all, so is feeling your cheeks hurt from so much smiling.

What will it inspire? XJ-13 stimulates conversation albeit lighter in spirit, though, don’t take this to say you’ll be light on words and thoughts, quite the opposite. Stories flow easily, and the conversation is creative, thoughtful and fun. You’ll feel like being around friends, old and new, taking a hike on a beautiful day or even streaming a yoga class that you can do in your closet, or in the middle of all the toys. But somehow, XJ-13 makes you drop in and it’ll get your mind and body moving together.

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