8 Best Weed Vape Pen Products You Can Trust

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In the market for a weed pen but don’t know where to look? We got you covered with the best possible on-the-go solution (well, 8 of them)! You can trust us when it comes to anything related to cannabis, so read on to find out more about our personal picks for the best carry-on pot products.


Quill- Weed Vape Pen – The Quill puts 300 puffs of pure, full spectrum extract in your pocket. The Quill is a vaporizer pen for everyone. To use it, just inhale.

Chemistry- Sour Sunset Sherbert – Life got you stressed? Press pause and get centered with the chai tea-flavored vapor from this balanced and clear hybrid. Sour Sunset Sherbet is like an afternoon snack, but for your mind.

Foria Intimacy Weed Vape Pen – Broad spectrum CBD Formulated to bring you into the moment & enhance intimacy in the bedroom and beyond, each puff delivers notes of real peppermint, vanilla, and cacao. 

Beboe Inspired Sativa Weed Vape Pen – Light and bright Inspired Vape Pen is intended for early afternoon enjoyment and social gatherings. Our state-of-the-art formulation and hardware boast a socially-dosed 65% THC potency, and designer minor cannabinoid cocktail featuring a whopping 12% CBG and 7% CBD to help keep you grounded.

BESITO – is a CA-based, woman & LGBTQ+ founded vaporizer. Available in 3 flavor profiles, each contain 2:1 cannabis oil.

Bloom Farms Highlighter Vape – Simple, discreet, and stylish, HIGHLIGHTER is a portable cannabis oil vapor pen. Extracted with clean CO2, our pure, all-natural cannabis oil contains a consistent 50-70% THC content. To maintain the plant’s natural flavors, all terpenes are derived from the same cannabis plants that the oil is made from.

Lowell Herb Co. Solventless Vape or 520 Cart – Enjoy liquid Live Rosin on-the-go with our full-spectrum concentrate vape. Inside you’ll find the same non-distillate, solventless Live Rosin which has been extracted from artisan craft cannabis flowers. Full-spectrum. No solvents.

PAX Era – To fill cartridges that work with its proprietary oil vape pen, PAX partners with several farms in most adult use states and with LPs across Canada to offer a variety of high-quality cannabis oil extracts. Choose from full-spectrum hemp CBD extracts to strain-specific THC extracts – and everything in between. Use Era’s app to track your sessions and records effects.

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