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Legalization 101: Getting High is Really Fun

Episode 113

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Have fun- get high!

This is the final episode in our Legalization 101 series. Today, we celebrate all the amazing ways weed brings fun, pleasure, and joy into women’s lives. Plus, we share how to ensure that women stay at the forefront of the cannabis industry – *hint* it’s about voting with your dollars. Check out the whole series for all you need to know about the differences between medical and adult-use cannabis.

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Ellen Lee Scanlon (00:00):

This podcast discusses cannabis and is intended for audiences 21 and over.

Nichole Graf (00:05):

The main topic of conversation was if a dog had floor mats, where would the floor mats go? And half of us had no idea how to even interpret that question. And the other half couldn’t breathe, because they were laughing so hard. And I was like, “See, this is why you associate with just fun, stoned experience.”

Ellen Lee Scanlon (00:27):

Welcome to How to Do the Pot, a podcast demystifying cannabis for women. I’m Ellen Scanlon. This is the last episode in our series called Legalization 101. In the first three episodes. We talked about the difference, or maybe lack of difference between medical and adult use cannabis markets. Check out those episodes, if you have any questions. We also have a map on our website,, that can give you the legal status of cannabis where you live.

Ellen Lee Scanlon (01:02):

In this episode, we are going to talk about another reason to consume cannabis in either a medical, or an adult use state. It’s a reason that maybe doesn’t get as much respect as it deserves, but it’s really important. And that reason is that getting high is really fun.

Ellen Lee Scanlon (01:26):

Just take it from Shayda Torabi and Tekisha Harvey who recently told me about their first times buying legal weed.

Shayda Torabi (01:34):

The next thing I know it’s like, “Babe, the edible is kicking in.” He was like, “Okay girl, like go for it.” And he just watched me go to the pool and start floating around. And that was awesome.

Tekisha Harvey (01:51):

So, we get to the dessert place, order some hot chocolate and some dessert. And then boom, it hit me. And I was having all these thoughts, and I was wondering like, ‘Can people hear what I’m thinking? Am I saying these things out loud? Or am I keeping them to myself?” And I think I had probably the best night of sleep in my life. And the next morning woke up refreshed

Ellen Lee Scanlon (02:12):

Shayda and Tekisha both had really fun experiences, but nothing tops the kind of joy you heard at the beginning of the episode from Nichole Graf. Nichole is co-owner of Raven, a cannabis farm in Washington state and she is incredibly knowledgeable about cannabis. You might recognize her from our episodes about growing your own weed, and definitely check them out if you’re looking for a special gardening project.

Ellen Lee Scanlon (02:40):

Nichole is an accomplished illustrator, an art director, an author, an artist, and she has a deep appreciation for the joy that cannabis can bring to our lives.

Nichole Graf (02:51):

I want my face to hurt, I want my stomach to hurt from just laughing so hard, and smiling so big. And I want it to always feel like there’s sun on my eyes when I close my eyelids.

Ellen Lee Scanlon (03:03):

For Nichole consuming cannabis is a beautiful, joyous way to bring people together. And alcohol serves this purpose for a lot of people, but Nichole shares why she loves cannabis for social occasions.

Nichole Graf (03:15):

One of my favorite things about cannabis is it’s such a beautifully humbling social experience, as opposed to when groups of people get together and alcohol is their shared substance. I feel like walls come up, and ego really takes over, and everyone can get very performative, even though they’re loosened up. And with cannabis, it’s like all the walls fall down and you’re able to be fallible.

Ellen Lee Scanlon (03:40):

Being open to being fallible often really helps with building connections with people, and having relaxed, and genuine experiences. And that’s also, what makes weed great for having fun, and getting creative.

Ellen Lee Scanlon (03:58):

I talked about this with two musicians from the band Potty Mouth Abby Weems, who plays guitar and sings, and Ally Einbinder, the bassist.

Ellen Lee Scanlon (04:08):

Abby shares how cannabis helped her and another band member open up and get the music flowing.

Abby Weems (04:16):

We wrote the song Drip Dry together, which was like one of the first songs that we ever wrote as a band. And I just remember it was the two of us in her dorm room at Smith College. And we were just goofing around, and like came up with some random melodies, and so it was just funny and casual. And then, we were just like, “Okay, I guess this is a song and we’ll bring this to the next band practice.”

Ellen Lee Scanlon (04:52):

For Ally, sharing this kind of creative supportive experience with other women was actually what led her to start Potty Mouth in the first place. Cannabis also helps her get out of her head and into her body when she plays her bass.

Ally Einbinder (05:06):

If you’re like at that, what do you call it? Like the pleasure zone of a high, it really does help me be more present with the rhythm of a song. And bass is one of those instruments that I feel like it already ha helps to be in your bodies when you’re playing it, less in your head, more in your body. I’m such a cerebral person that my default is to be stuck in my head. And so, it really helps me connect my head with my body better.

Ellen Lee Scanlon (05:37):

For both Ally and Abby, especially since the pandemic, cannabis has helped them reset, and reconnect to their love of music. We’ve all heard stories about how tough the music industry can be, but with a little help from cannabis, they’ve had an easier time remembering what they love about making music. Here’s Abby.

Abby Weems (05:58):

Getting high makes you appreciate art and music for what it is. And it’s less about comparing yourself to things and how being a professional musician, it can like suck all of the life out of music sometimes because you’re just listening to other artists, and you’re like, “This is so good.” And you’re like, “They did it like this.” And I don’t know, I just feel like we’re always over analyzing other music, and comparing ourselves. But then when you get high, you sort of are released from that, and you’re able to re-appreciate something and make it less personal in a way or just like sort of get lost in it.

Ellen Lee Scanlon (06:50):

There is another really fun thing that weed helps enhance, and that is sex. We’ve talked about the joys of cannabis and sex in quite a few episodes, so be sure to check those out in our feed if you want to learn more. But, for now, I just want to share an amazing story from one of our favorite medical experts. Sandra Guynes, who’s also known as the [Kush-ners 00:07:18].

Sandra Guynes (07:19):

Yes. Yes, we use the cannabis for sex. It’s always embarrassing for me to talk about sex because I get so excited. I’m like, “Use it.” And it’s only because I went so long, I feel like I was sex starved. And it wasn’t because anyone was starving me it’s because I was starving myself from enjoyable sex. I was in my head, I was anxious, stressed, depressed. I had a lot of things going on. And, really honestly, if I were to describe myself prior to cannabis, I would say I had a head with a body attached, but I didn’t really care what was happening down in this body. I was like, “Yeah, whatever.” And cannabis made me more aware and it made me more connected to my body. And I started feeling things I hadn’t felt before, and enjoying sex in a different way because I was much more aroused, and aware, and open and present.

Ellen Lee Scanlon (08:16):

Sandra and many other sex experts that we’ve talked to also say that solo play is really the best way to find out how to get comfortable, learn how your body responds to cannabis. And to do that before you bring a partner into the mix.

Ellen Lee Scanlon (08:33):

Almost everyone who’s given cannabis, at least, a few tries has found something to like about it. And when you find the right dose, the right strain, or the right product for you, it’s a great, great feeling. Whether it’s when you can’t stop laughing, like Nichole, or getting lost in music, like Abby and Ally, or enjoying some intimate time with yourself, or a partner, like Sandra.

Ellen Lee Scanlon (09:02):

Then, there’s also the fun of consuming cannabis and tasting food like it’s the first time, and the best time you’ve ever eaten it. Check out our Weed Words episode on the munchies to learn all about the delicious side effects of cannabis. And I’ll give you a hint about my favorite [munch-ie 00:09:25], Frosted Mini Wheats. Yum.

Ellen Lee Scanlon (09:29):

There’s one more group of women who are consuming a lot of legal cannabis, seniors. On episode four of How to Do the Pot. We talked to Shari Horne, the former mayor of the California senior living community, Laguna Woods Village. She’s a woman of a certain age now, and she definitely remembers when cannabis was something to be kept under wraps.

Shari Horne (09:55):

I was a week away from my sweet 16 birthday, was the first time that I tried it. I didn’t do it in a group because it was always a secret. It wasn’t something that everyone talked about a lot. So, the first time I tried it, I was just with a small group of people. But after a while, everyone would just pass joints around and when you went to a concert there was a lot. So, I guess everyone was smoking back then. And that was the ’60s.

Ellen Lee Scanlon (10:23):

Today, Shari is an amazing advocate, educating her community about cannabis, not just for the health benefits it can bring to seniors, which are many, but also for the pleasure weed can bring to daily lives. Shari and her husband like to enjoy it together.

Shari Horne (10:41):

We both, we’ve smoked throughout our marriage. And we usually smoke in the evening once all the business is done. And we smoke. We smoke and we relax, and we laugh, we play Scrabble, we watch TV, we read. And he smokes it more for sleep, because he has a hard time staying asleep. He can fall asleep, but he doesn’t stay asleep. And I smoke less than he does, but I do it to relax and just because I enjoy the feeling.

Ellen Lee Scanlon (11:12):

Seniors are a fast growing cannabis demographic. And many of them are children of the ’60s, like Shari who find cannabis legalization pretty mind blowing. To be able to openly enjoy something that was illegal for most of their lives, it’s really exciting.

Ellen Lee Scanlon (11:32):

And no matter where you live, I hope this series has inspired you to think about how, as a voter, you have a voice in what your state’s relationship to cannabis will be. This industry is growing, and changing incredibly quickly. Remember, I used to work on a literal trading floor, and cannabis is still the fastest moving industry I’ve ever been part of.

Ellen Lee Scanlon (11:58):

So, the story is not complete. And I hope you’ll use these episodes as inspiration to consider who you buy your cannabis from. Women are 50% of the population, and in some states nearly 50% of cannabis consumers. And we should be 50% of the industry too. So, it’s really, really important to think about who you buy your weed from, who is running the company, vote with your dollars, and always ask for women owned cannabis businesses. We have a lot of resources on our website,, to help you find the women run businesses near you. And we love learning about new brands, and sharing stories of amazing women in the industry, so please reach out. You can reach out at or DM us @dothepot.

Ellen Lee Scanlon (12:51):

I hope this series has helped to answer all of your questions. And please share it with your friends and family all across the country who might be navigating what modern cannabis looks like today.

Ellen Lee Scanlon (13:08):

For lots more information and past episodes, visit and that’s all also where you can sign up for our newsletter, which comes out every other Friday. And if you like How to Do the Pot, please read and review us on Apple Podcasts. It helps more people find the show.

Ellen Lee Scanlon (13:28):

Thanks to Madi Fair, our brand manager, Nick Patri, our producer, and our writer, Anna Williams. I’m Ellen Scanlon, and we’ll be back soon with more of How to Do the Pot.



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