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Battle Royale: Super Silver Haze vs. Sour Diesel – Who Wins?

Episode 215

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Super Silver Haze vs. Sour Diesel

Are you ready for a battle of the strains? We’re asking you to help us choose the next addition to our Essential Strains list. In one corner, we have Super Silver Haze, and in the other, the beloved Sour Diesel. Both strains provide an energy boost, aid in pain relief, and make food taste even more delicious — but your decision will come down to what sets them apart. So, will Super Silver Haze steal the spotlight, or will Sour Diesel continue on as the crowd favorite? Tune in to see where your loyalties lie, and don’t forget to cast your vote @dothepot or email us at!

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Ellen Scanlon (00:00):

This podcast discusses cannabis and is intended for audiences 21 and over.

Antuanette Gomez (00:06):

Super Silver Haze. This is one of the strains that I didn’t fall in love with. It fell in love with me, okay? I feel like the first time I smoked this, I was being enchanted by a man.

Ellen Scanlon (00:22):

Welcome to How To Do The Pot, a podcast helping you feel confident about cannabis. I’m your host, Ellen Scanlon.


Recently, we polled our friends on Instagram, @dothepot, and asked if you wanted more behind the scenes from the show. And you said yes. Thank you to everyone who responded. So I wanted to share the inspiration behind how we’re choosing How To Do The Pot’s newest essential strain. I’m usually thinking about new episodes a few months in advance. Over the summer, I started researching essential strains that we could share with you in episodes for the holidays. Beyonce had asked her fans going to the concerts to dress in silver. I guess I had silver on the brain, because I got excited about the strain Super Silver Haze.


Have you listened to our Essential Strains series yet? It’s a growing list of strains that I think everyone should have in their stash, not because you need all of them, but because I want you to have two or three go-tos that you love. Knowing those strains will really help to guide you when you walk into a dispensary, so you won’t feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the sheer number of strains that are available. Even just telling a budtender the name of a strain that you liked can be a great way for them to help you find more strains that you’ll love. We created a special Essential Strains playlist on Spotify, so you can follow them all. And the full list is on our website,


Not long ago, we sent out another poll on Instagram, this time asking if you like Super Silver Haze. And I was surprised, because a lot of you told us that you think the strain is kind of meh. It got me thinking that it would be fun to have a friendly strain battle, and to get your help deciding the newest essential strain for our list.


So in today’s episode, I’ll tell you all about our essential strain challenger, Super Silver Haze, and we’ll hear what women all across the country think about it. Then we’ll battle it out, comparing Super Silver Haze to a beloved and popular essential strain from our list that has similar effects, Sour Diesel. And you get to choose the winner. I really can’t wait to hear what you think. Please reach out on socials or email


Before we get into this week’s episode, I want to thank the people who’ve been asking how they can support the show. Please tell all your friends. Clicking the share button on one of our episodes and sending it to a friend is a great way to help us grow. Another thing you can do is sign up for How To Do The Pot’s newsletter. It’s a twice-a-month resource that helps you feel confident about cannabis for health, wellbeing, and for fun. We have thousands of subscribers reading and replying with comments and tips, and the more, the merrier. We couldn’t do this without you. Please go to to sign up. Thank you, and I really appreciate your support for the show.


Will Super Silver Haze be worthy of the Essential Strains list? Let’s start the battle. With all our episodes, my goal is to help you feel confident about cannabis. And one way to feel more confident about what you’ll like is to go back to the plant and learn about strain families. Let’s start with our challenger, Super Silver Haze, and I’ll tell you a bit about the Haze family of cannabis plants.


Strain families are defined as a group of strains that share similar qualities, the plant’s growing patterns, and their terpene profiles. Terpenes give the plant its smell and taste, and are sort of the aromatherapy of weed. Other strain families you may have heard about include Kush, Diesel, and Skunk. The Haze family of strains, that’s H-A-Z-E, originated during the 1960s and was born in Santa Cruz, California. Haze strains are known for making you feel clearheaded, focused, and energized. They also promote a deep sense of relaxation that follows the intoxicating effects.


As you discover strain families that you like, you can then learn the names of some of the popular strains in that family, and you’ll find that you can usually have a similar experience. If you feel a little bit different, that’s a great way to learn about the characteristics of the strains that you like best. Other popular Haze family strains that you can find in dispensaries are Purple Haze, Strawberry Haze, and Amnesia Haze.


As more people across the country have access to safe, legal weed, knowing more about what you’re buying will help you customize the experience and really feel your best. The creators of Super Silver Haze were determined to make a strain with a euphoric, energizing high that combined the elements of some of their favorite strains, Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze. After years of meticulous breeding, in 1997, Super Silver Haze made its debut and immediately became a hit in the cannabis world. If you try it, you’ll notice it has a unique combination of flavors. Earthy, citrusy, a little spice.


In dispensaries, Super Silver Haze will probably be labeled as a sativa strain. I want to steer you away from being too focused on the categories of sativa, indica, and hybrid. They don’t really tell you much about how you’re going to feel, which I talk a lot more about in episode 188. Try to smell the weed if you can. As they say, your nose knows, and if you like the smell, you’ll probably like the way it makes you feel.


Super Silver Haze is known for its uplifting effects. Many people turn to it on days when life feels heavy or you feel overwhelmed. Medical patients find it helps with pain management, chronic fatigue, easing depression, and lowering stress. Super Silver Haze can increase your appetite, which might not be what everyone wants, yet it’s a real benefit if health issues or sadness are curbing your taste for food.


How high will you get? The effects of Super Silver Haze tend to be strong, coming on quickly and then slowly easing into a long-lasting body high. Are you looking to feel a little happier after a grueling work day? Super Silver Haze will give you some extra energy, and help to melt tension in your mind and body. When you’re shopping in dispensaries, please pay attention to the percentage of THC in the weed. High THC levels are what can make some people feel anxious. Until you know how you want to feel, stick to levels of THC around or below 20%. A tip about Super Silver Haze, Blue Dream is a popular and widely-accessible strain, and it is a cross between Super Silver Haze and a strain called Blueberry. So if you like Blue Dream, you will probably like Super Silver Haze.


Why do women love Super Silver Haze? Antuanette Gomez, the co-founder of Peak Pharm Labs, a Canadian cannabinoid sexual health company, shares why it’s one of her favorites.

Antuanette Gomez (08:44):

Super Silver Haze. This is one of the strains that I didn’t fall in love with. It fell in love with me, okay? I feel like the first time I smoked this, I was being enchanted by a man, per se. It felt like the strain was like MDMA, for me. I just became absolutely infatuated with anybody in front of me. Anybody. I would just fall in love with them. And I find that when it comes to Super Silver Haze, it’s just like you have those love goggles on, those love glasses, right? So you just want to get intimate and pleasureful, then you’re just in this positive, loving energy with this high. And it’s such a beautiful experience.

Ellen Scanlon (09:30):

Oregon-based Heather Butler, the supplier success manager for Pharmer’s Market Distribution, loves Super Silver Haze when she’s staying close to home.

Heather Butler (09:40):

The Super Silver Haze is a little different in the sense that it’s extra energizing, but it is also pretty heady. It’s a strain I prefer to smoke at home, because while I feel really lifted, happy, and creative, it makes me a little bit unfocused because of that head high. It’s one that I like to consume while I am tackling a list of things to do around my house, and probably I have my earbuds in and I’ve got a great playlist going. It’s also a strain that … The high lasts a little bit longer.

Ellen Scanlon (10:21):

Cannabis affects everyone differently, and how you respond to strains can be very unique. Washington-based Rose Beverly, a writer, artist, health coach, and founder of Chronically Intentional, is not a fan of Super Silver Haze.

Rose Beverly (10:38):

I tried Super Silver Haze I think about six years ago, when I very first moved to Seattle and was kind of getting the feel for legal weed. I didn’t know about different brands. I didn’t know which ones were better and whatnot, so I got a pre-roll of Super Silver Haze. The only reason I remember it is because I had such a terrible time with it. It was like I had all of the negative effects that cannabis can have without any of the good effects. I didn’t really feel high in a positive way. I just felt groggy, and my head felt cloudy, and I had a headache, and just got anxious, and I just felt awful. It was just really not the strain for me. And I’ve rarely had such a negative experience with any cannabis strain.

Ellen Scanlon (11:32):

I don’t want anyone to have a bad experience with weed. To help you feel more confident about trying new strains, please remember my favorite tip. If you feel too high, put a few drops of CBD oil tincture under your tongue. Hold it there for 30 seconds or so, and you’ll feel less high and more like yourself in about 15 minutes. Sabrina Wheeler, the California-based chief operating officer of cannabis brand Stone Road, also doesn’t love the effects of Super Silver Haze.

Sabrina Wheeler (12:06):

I find that Super Silver Haze is one of those strains that always evokes really racy thoughts, a feeling of general anxiety and borderline paranoia for me. Now, I’ve tried Super Silver Haze in many different form factors, and it’s just one of those strains that simply has never agreed with me.

Ellen Scanlon (12:28):

Is Super Silver Haze a strong enough contender to make it onto our Essential Strains list? It’s going up against a famously popular strain, Sour Diesel. Can it make the cut?


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Let’s learn more about our current champion, a classic on How To Do The Pot’s Essential Strains list and one of the most beloved strains out there, Sour Diesel. Sour Diesel is part of the Diesel family of strains, which have a distinct diesel gas and tart citrus smell. The Diesel strain family is known for bringing on a feeling of calm energy that can be great for inspiring creativity. One Diesel family strain I always look for in dispensaries is Cannatonic, which is a high-CBD strain, so it will be less intoxicating. Other Diesel strains include Chiesel, Original Glue, and Sour Tangie.


Like most strains developed in the 1990s, Sour Diesel doesn’t have a birth certificate. It has been traced back to an accidental cross of the strains Chemdawg and Super Skunk. Its massive popularity began in New York City, where it grew by word of mouth through underground delivery services. Sour Diesel, or Sour D, is considered one of the best weed strains for promoting long-lasting energy with an elevated mood. It can also help to improve focus and help clear brain fog. The happy, uplifted effects also make it a popular alternative to antidepressants. It’s a top choice for medical patients who want to be okay with the sight, smell, and taste of food, because it does help to stimulate appetite.


When is the right time to try Sour Diesel? Sour Diesel is a solid choice for activities that require stamina and enthusiasm. It’s great for creative play and time with friends. You might want to take a walk, enjoy nature, practice yoga. You could also apply that focused energy to a house project that maybe you’ve been dreading, like organizing your garage or going through your clothes for Goodwill. Hayley Dineen, the New York-based co-founder of Sackville & Co., is a fan of Sour Diesel. It helps her feel creative.

Hayley Dineen (16:53):

I am a full-time crafter, craft addict, in my spare time. So whether that’s sewing or knitting … I know I sound like a grandma when I say that, but I went to fashion school and I honestly miss just the days of being a student, when you’re at home sewing really cool things all day, and so my most favorite thing to do is smoke good weed, and just spend the rest of the day crafting.

Ellen Scanlon (17:21):

Lana Van Brunt is the other co-founder of Sackville and Co., and she’s into Sour Diesel too.

Lana Van Brunt (17:27):

I feel like, for what I’ve been smoking lately, there always seems to be Sour Diesel in it. It’s a super popular strain, somewhere in the middle on the THC potency side. It is very energizing, chatty, still gives you a nice calm and keeps you in your body, but also allows you to feel like you want to accomplish some things.

Ellen Scanlon (17:51):

Breanna Neff, the New York-based chief food scientist and founder of Brelixi, worries about feeling anxious with energizing strains. For her, Sour Diesel is an exception.

Breanna Neff (18:02):

Sour Diesel is one of the few sativa strains that I love so, so much. It doesn’t give me too much anxiety. Honestly, sativas, for me, are a little bit too hyper and gets my heart racing in a non-beneficial way, so that’s why I love indicas. But when it comes to Sour Diesel, I feel like it gets me uplifted and kind of energized in a way that’s really cool. So I actually love this strain for before I work out. I usually can’t really smoke before I work out, because I like to do high intensity cardio workouts and there’s limited weed that I really feel like benefits that type of action.

Ellen Scanlon (18:39):

What activities should you try if you’re experimenting with Sour Diesel? Sabrina Wheeler has some ideas.

Sabrina Wheeler (18:46):

I would most likely opt for attending a social gathering, hanging out with friends, or using the creativity factor to work on a craft project, brainstorm business ideas, make content. But the general sense of happiness and euphoria that I get from Sour Diesel makes it a wonderful strain to consume before almost any activity for me.

Ellen Scanlon (19:15):

One of the top questions I’m asked is, “What should I buy?” I’d love to share more brands that you are excited about. Who makes your favorite Sour Diesel or Super Silver Haze? Please reach out, and I might feature your picks on a future episode.


Okay, the competition is heating up. I asked Sabrina Wheeler to weigh in.

Sabrina Wheeler (19:45):

If I had to choose between Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel, I think my answer’s pretty easy here. Sour Diesel any day, all day, every day. I’ve never had a bad experience with Sour Diesel, and it really just evokes those uplifted, happy, social, euphoric feelings within me. And ultimately, if I’m consuming sativa, then that’s my goal, and so Sour Diesel for the win.

Ellen Scanlon (20:17):

Lauren Yoshiko, an Oregon-based journalist and writer of the newsletter, Sticky Bits, shares why she prefers Sour Diesel.

Lauren Yoshiko (20:26):

I definitely consider it an essential, in the sense that Hazes are really unique. But personal preference-wise, I would reach for Sour Diesel over Super Silver Haze. I don’t know what the terpenes are in Super Silver Haze or if it was just the particular batches that I had experiences with, but they just didn’t hit me the same way. It wasn’t as pleasant going down. It wasn’t as pleasant of a high as much as most Sour Diesels.

Ellen Scanlon (20:54):

For Breanna Neff, it’s Super Silver Haze for the win.

Breanna Neff (20:58):

If I had to pick my favorite between the two, it’s hands down Super Silver Haze. I love that calming vibe with the indica influence, so that with a really nice, focused balance … So focused and calm balance, that is my favorite thing, and that is such a functional form of cannabis consumption. So Super Silver Haze really helped me to study through college, to do all the errands that I have to do, while still being really happy and uplifted.

Ellen Scanlon (21:30):

Which strain will you choose? Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel are both strains that will be energizing, help with pain relief, and make food smell and taste better. Super Silver Haze is going to start strong with energy and end with long-lasting relaxation, yet it can bring on feelings of anxiety for some people. Sour Diesel is known for bringing on feelings of euphoria and overall happiness. It’s a beloved strain for lifting your mood and doing just about anything creative.


Is this a tough matchup or will Sour Diesel easily beat our challenger, Super Silver Haze? And if Sour Diesel remains our winner, I’ll be on the lookout for another worthy strain. What should it be? You get to decide. Please DM us on socials or email, and tell me what you think.


I hope you enjoyed this Essential Strains battle. If you liked this episode, please share it with a friend. We love new listeners, and are here to help everyone feel confident about cannabis. Thank you for listening to How To Do The Pot. For lots more information and past episodes, visit Are you one of the thousands of people who love How To Do The Pot’s newsletter? If you’re not getting it, please sign up at And if you like How To Do The Pot, please rate and review us on Apple Podcasts. It really helps people find the show. Thanks to our writer, Alyssa Yeoman, and producers, Madi Fair and Nick Patri. I’m Ellen Scanlon, and stay tuned for more of How To Do The Pot.



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