1st Time I Bought Legal Weed

Cindi Schultz, Technical Writer

Episode 105

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Cindi Schultz, Technical Writer

Did you know that 3 out of 4 women in the U.S. have access to legal cannabis? Yet buying weed can still be intimidating. In case you don’t have a friend you can bring with you to a dispensary, Cindi Schultz, an Alabama-based technical writer, shares her story to help you feel more comfortable.

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Ellen Lee Scanlon (00:00):

This podcast discusses cannabis and is intended for audiences 21 and over. Welcome to How to Do the Pot, a podcast demystifying cannabis for women. I’m Ellen Scanlon. On these short episodes, we share women’s stories about the first time they bought legal weed. I hope they bring a little fun and a new perspective into your week. Cindi Schultz is an Alabama based technical writer with over 17 years of experience writing for international and local companies, developing training, user documentation and transcribing audio on many platforms.

Cindi Schultz (00:40):

The first time I bought legal weed, I planned a two month camping trip, the summer of 2020 and I went to Colorado. I had wanted to buy weed for quite a while since it became legal. I have chronic pain and I hoped to use it to manage sleep and pain. I hadn’t smoked weed since the late seventies, which was not a great experience, mostly paranoia and anxiety inducing. I have no idea how much I smoked in one sitting back then and had zero idea how to use it to get a good experience. On my trip in 2020, pretty close to as soon as I crossed into Colorado, I found my first dispensary in Trinidad. I called to make an appointment to go in. I bought Wana Brand Indica Gummies and one Chem Crush sativa hybrid pre-roll and one Durban Poison sativa pre-roll. Then I went on to Crested Butte.

Cindi Schultz (01:31):

I tried half a gummy in the evening, which was five milligrams. It was an uncomfortable experience that gave me a spinning feeling and an extremely dry mouth but I slept through most of it. I tried one of the pre-rolls the next day and it was an amazing experience. I wrote notes to myself through the whole high so I would remember what I felt like in the moment. It was a little disorienting but the best part was that I spent the majority of it speaking in the kindest words I’ve ever spoken to myself in my whole life. I’m 60 and it’s still the best thought telling you this. After that, I bought a few different strains from two more dispensaries in other parts of Colorado and I’ve loved trying them out. The main thing I experienced in addition to speaking kindly to myself has been the very fast paced feeling of thoughts, what I call brain skip. But if I take my time and I don’t smoke too much at a time, it’s always a good experience.

Cindi Schultz (02:24):

I waited a long time to try the gummies again but once I figured out I needed to take smaller amounts to get used to it, I ended up giving myself the best sleep ever by taking a third of one each night and going right to bed. Eventually the five milligram was perfect. Each dispensary I went to was fine. I wasn’t really relying on my knowledge. I knew I was going to be okay with anything and it was my chance to test out how I’d react. I counted on advice from the tenders and I had fine experiences. The first and the last shops I went to were the Spot 420 in Trinidad and the CannaFarmer in Silverton and they were great about listening to what I wanted to accomplish and helping me figure out the different experiences between different strains over a few days. I appreciated it a lot.

Cindi Schultz (03:08):

I got what they call mid-grade strains of Tangie and Citrus Snap from the CannaFarmer. The Tangie was too intense but I love the Citrus Snap. I don’t live in a legal state but I plan to make weed part of my life on a regular basis as soon as possible and experiment even more over time.

Ellen Lee Scanlon (03:30):

For lots more information and past episodes, visit dothepot.com and that’s also where you can sign up for our newsletter, which comes out every other Friday. And if you like How to Do the Pot, please read and review us on Apple Podcasts, it helps more people find the show. Thanks to Madi Fair, our brand manager, Nick Patri, our producer. I’m Ellen Scanlon and we’ll be back soon with more of How to Do the Pot.



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