The Absolute Best Weed for Anxiety in 2023

CBD is the secret ingredient to - naturally - treat anxiety.


We all have those days when the stress and anxiety of experiencing something new or even something familiar can become easily overwhelming. Luckily, there are cannabis products that can help us get through these situations by reducing stress and anxiety, and for many of us, incorporating them into our daily routine can make a big difference. 


Cannabis has been shown to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety. CBD is short for cannabidiol, one active ingredient found in hemp plants.

CBD is often used to create various ingestible products as well as topical skin and body care products. CBD will not get you high, since it does not possess the intoxicating effects of THC, its famous cousin.

Read on to learn what is the best weed for anxiety, and how to use it to improve your mental wellbeing and feel more relaxed.


The Best Weed Starter Kit for Stress Relief

  1. HOW MUCH SHOULD I TAKE?, If you’re looking for a natural way to ease stress and anxiety, CBD is a legal and accessible first place to start. To feel the full effects, you’ll need to take CBD on a regular basis for at least two weeks. Higher doses (over 200 mg daily) may be necessary to treat acute anxiety. High doses should only be taken under medical supervision, and we trust Dr. June Chin & Sandra Guynes, RN.
  2. WEED IS WEAKEST DURING YOUR PERIOD. The effects of cannabis can vary up to 30 percent depending on a woman’s time of the month. Your tolerance will be highest during days 1-5 of your cycle and lowest during days 17-28. Be prepared for the same products to feel different and add more or less depending on how you want to feel.
  3. WANT TO FEEL BETTER FAST? Get the fastest relief with effects kicking in within five minutes and lasting 2-3 hours from smoking either a joint or vape. A CBD oil tincture held under your tongue will start working in 15-30 minutes and last 1-3 hours. Edibles take 1-2 hours to feel and can last 6-8 hours.
  4. WHICH STRAINS ARE BEST FOR STRESS? A 2019 study with over 11,000 patients showed a 58 percent reduction in anxiety and stress following use of high CBD, low THC cannabis. Try beloved stress relieving strains with high CBD like Harlequin, ACDC and Cannatonic. Avoid high THC strains such as grandaddy purple or purple urkle, which can cause anxiety in some people. Always look for cannabis with THC levels under 20 percent.
  5. AFRAID OF GETTING TOO HIGH? Make CBD oil tinctures your new pantry staple – they are equal to a get out of jail free card. Hold the oil under your tongue for 60 seconds to bring down your high & you’ll feel more like yourself in under 30 minutes. Wondering how to spot the best cbd oil for anxiety? Always look for full spectrum, 3rd party tested CBD products and buy from women-run brands.

“I can’t say there is a best way to consume cannabis because the best way is very individualized based on what you’re trying to accomplish, what you want to prevent or mitigate in using cannabis, what you’re treating. So somebody who is trying to manage their stress or anxiety and they want a quick-acting medication, inhaling or using a tincture might be the best method for them and ideally a CBD dominant medication”.

– Dr. Jessica Knox


Wondering what are the best CBD products for anxiety? 

Tinctures are a good option for fast-acting relief when using CBD for anxiety, chronic pain, and inflammation. Why? the mucus membrane under your tongue can absorb and bypass the digestive system so the liquid goes straight to your bloodstream. You’ll feel the effects in about 15 minutes. 


How do you even know where to start in your search for the best weed for anxiety? In nineteen U.S. states, you no longer have to buy weed with THC “from a guy” you know, and in dozens of other states, patients have access to medical marijuana. That’s something to celebrate!

But although women can walk into a dispensary and purchase weed, many of them rely on a guy to pick something up for them instead. The unfamiliar language, overwhelming selection, and for some, residual shame associated with the act of buying and consuming weed are all factors that inhibit a woman from getting what she needs to feel her best. 

One of the biggest misconceptions about shopping for legal weed is thinking that you need to know a lot about cannabis before you go. And while you can’t forget your government-issued ID and it will make it easier if you bring cash, as more states legalize it, visiting a dispensary is a lot like a regular shopping experience.

Women all over the country have shared with us the story of the first time they bought legal cannabis. 

We want to help you feel less stressed while you find what works best for you. If you’re looking for cannabis with THC, understanding the limitations of the terminology you might be familiar with, like sativa, indica and hybrid, will be helpful. 

“The cannabis plant that we know, and that gets us high, is from the horticultural term or family of cannabis sativa. That’s kind of the umbrella category, and then sativa, indica, and hybrid were categories that they used to describe these plants that first and foremost came from different regions of the world and because of genetics, in addition to the environment and the soil that it’s grown in and the climate, the plant grows in different ways.

What we understand today as indica, sativa, and hybrid is purely a language that we use as a community to communicate what we want out of the product. So indica tells me that somebody’s looking for something to chill them out or help them go to sleep or be like a heavy body high. Whereas a sativa tells me that somebody is looking for something really energetic. Then a hybrid is a balanced experience.” – Lo Friesen, scientist & founder of HeyLo cannabis

Cannabis is a plant, so the different strains or cultivars can come from different plant families. Here are a few of the most common strain families you’ll find in licensed dispensaries.

  • The Kush Family—Kush strains derive their name from the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan where growing conditions – the terroir influenced the structure and chemistry of Indica plants. Kush strains are some of the most popular strains available on the market today. Think OG Kush – a staple of hip-hop lyrics for decades. Characterized by dense nugs and a sweet lemon piney aroma, kush strains typically offer a welcome & warm body buzz with an exceptional dose of euphoria. 
  • The Haze Family—Haze strains are clear-headed, energetic and focused high. However, this strain variety also promotes a deep sense of relaxation that follows the intense cerebral high. 
  • The Diesel Family—Diesel strains offer energizing cerebral effects perfect for inspiring creativity and are Marked by a distinct diesel gas and tart citrus aroma. 
  • The Skunk Family—Known for their skunk-like aroma, skunk strain varieties provide a balanced and uplifting psychoactive effect and full-body buzz. First developed in the 1970s, this cannabis strain family is considered to be one of the most important heirloom strain groups ever created.


Enjoying the bath can start with a vape pen. Women love them because they are discreet and nearly odorless. Choose an oil cartridge from a licensed dispensary for your PAX Era or other vape product. 

CBD for TLC! A CBD bath soak will relax you, ease sore muscles, and promote feelings of well-being, but it won’t get you high. 

Do you want to feel high? The skin is our largest organ, so if you choose a THC bath soak, pay attention to how many milligrams of THC you add to the tub, and prepare to feel relaxed, but also high. We recommend starting with a product that has a mix of CBD and THC, like a one-to-one ratio. 

Cannabis infused Epsom salts provide magnesium and THC, and allow you to add as much or as little as you want to your bath while you figure out your perfect dose. Infused bath bombs are single-use. All the ingredients dissolve in one bath, which may be strong for new consumers. 

Keep the after bath glow going with CBD topical creams or roll-ons for chronically painful spots.

good to know

Why do we recommend Sagely Naturals as the best weed for anxiety to friends and family throughout the U.S.? It’s quadruple tested. That means that 3rd party labs test the CBD from the supplier four times throughout the supply chain. This ensures that the products are made of the highest quality, pure CBD, which is essential for those seeking relief from anxiety.


We recommend cannabidiol CBD oil for anxiety to help ease your day-to-day stress. Sublingual tinctures are a great way to make it happen. You can go with these trusted, loved, and highly recommended drops. 

Equilibria, Daily Drops – Use Daily Drops a full Spectrum CBD oil to help increase a sense of calm and balance in the face of day-to-day stress. Take during the day to promote focus and decrease tension. 

Juna, Balance Drops – “Calm, clear, connected.” BALANCE lifts the spirit to keep you calmly-focused throughout the day.

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