What does ‘Mindful Consumption’ look like?


How to do the Pot host April Pride gathered with Meryl & Valarie of Barbari as well as 25 women who – mostly – work in weed to trade strains & stash talk. Guest Lauren Yoshiko, host of Broccoli Talk podcast (that we LOVE!), dubbed the evening Weed Church. Amen.

As is appropriate for Weed Church, we also recorded Meryl & Valarie’s 5 steps to mindful consumption, which I prefer to think of as “practicing the pot.” Yes, like meditation, yoga and sports, cannabis is something that gets better w/ practice.

  1. SET INTENTION. Take a moment to recognize that you want to consume and determine why. Stop and ask: What is it I’m doing or about to do, and how do I want cannabis to serve the moment? How is weed going to help support what it is I’m doing? What is the outcome I expect? Is it to help me tune in at a party? Make music sound better? Is it to help me get more creative and relax?

  2. CHECK-IN #1. Check in with yourself and your surroundings. How does my body feel? Do I need a jacket? Might I need a jacket later? Are you comfortable with where you are and with whom you may find yourself high? Perhaps too high.

  3. CHOOSE/PRACTICE. This is the fun part –  match your cannabis selection w/ what you’re up to. If you’re wanting to get to a flow state for work, perhaps a nibble of an edible with your morning coffee or high CBD tincture in your tea. It’s also a great time to recognize which strains you prefer generally. A good place to start is by taking half the dosage recommended on the label of your cannabis product – until you’ve found your ideal dosage.

  4. CHECK-IN #2.  After you consume, ask yourself, “How do I feel now?” Review the duration time on the packaging of what you enjoyed. Does this take 15 minutes to fully kick in? Could this take up to an hour to fully kick in? Check-in, giving it the appropriate amount of time, assessing how you feel and then deciding if you want to redose again.

  5. TAKE NOTE. I like to keep a running list of what’s working for me in my Notes on my phone. Record your experiences with different strains, products, or different consumption methods. That second check-in in particular helps you tune into exactly whether or not you achieved what you were hoping to achieve. Checking in with how your body’s feeling physically, how you’re feeling emotionally, and if you’re able to do the pot with purpose.


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