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Episode 249

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Our Favorite Strains to Pair With Comedy Podcasts

Today’s show is all about putting a smile on your face! We’re pairing the popular cannabis strains Jack Herer and Strawberry Cough with some of the best comedy podcasts to bring you some much-deserved laughter and relaxation. You’ll hear about the uplifting and talkative effects of Jack Herer and the sweet, calming high of Strawberry Cough while enjoying hilarious shows like Why Won’t You Date Me, Fake Doctors Real Friends, and Sexy Unique Podcast. Tune in to learn how these strains and podcasts can enhance your mood and elevate your listening experience.

“Jack Herer, the strain, is a beloved staple of many a weed-lover because it brings on feelings of sunny, relaxed happiness. It’s a real crowd-pleaser and an easy to enjoy strain that helps you get up, feel energized, and want to move your body.”
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[00:00:00] Ellen Scanlon: This podcast discusses cannabis and is intended for audiences 21 and over.

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[00:00:56] Nicole Byer: Well, I’ll tell you this. I woke up in Brooklyn with one blue contact in one out. My weave was standing straight up and my ankle was swollen. So I was limping like a pirate.

[00:01:10] Ellen Scanlon: Welcome to How to Do the Pot, a podcast helping you feel confident about cannabis. I’m your host Ellen Skinlan.

[00:01:21] Ellen Scanlon: You just heard from California based Nicole Beyer, the host of the comedy podcast. Why won’t you date me? At How to Do the Pot, we’re here to teach you about weed, so you can have memorable experiences that enhance your life. And for a podcast lover, what’s a better experience than combining the perfect podcast with the ideal cannabis strain?

[00:01:47] Ellen Scanlon: This June, we celebrated Pride with a special series. We explored how the AIDS crisis led to the birth of medical cannabis and sparked a national legalization movement. Your feedback has been so kind and I am thrilled to hear how deeply the series moved so many of you. I know the inspiring stories really touched my heart.

[00:02:13] Ellen Scanlon: Today though, we are shifting gears to bring you some laughter. I mean, laughing and weed, they really do make an excellent combination. And I think that knowing what to expect from the weed you try is the key to enjoying it. That’s why we’re pairing podcasts with specific strains. Picture this, your new favorite.

[00:02:40] Ellen Scanlon: Funny podcast playing in your ears, perfectly complimented by a weed strain that brings on the giggles. I want to give you a roadmap so you can try new strains in a fun, low pressure way, pay attention to how the different strains affect your mood and your mindset. You could think of it as a tasting menu for your mind.

[00:03:04] Ellen Scanlon: You might find a new favorite strain, or just learn more about how cannabis works with your body. It’s all to help you make informed choices, and have a great time doing it. So whether you’re ready to literally laugh out loud, or you just want to pick me up. The strains we’re talking about today, Jack Herrera and Strawberry Cough, are popular, widely available, and just what you need to make comedy podcasts even more fun.

[00:03:36] Ellen Scanlon: Do you want to know what strain to pair with your favorite podcast? DM us at DoThePot or send an email to hi at dothepot. com and we might match it up in a future episode.

[00:03:53] Ellen Scanlon: Before we get into this week’s episode, I want to talk for a second about how to do the POTS newsletter. The newsletter is a twice a month resource that will help you feel confident about cannabis for health, wellbeing, and for fun. The newsletter is also our direct line to you. You can hit the reply button and let me know what topics or guests you’d like to hear on the show.

[00:04:17] Ellen Scanlon: There are already thousands of subscribers reading and responding and the more the merrier. We couldn’t do this without you, so please go to DoThePot. com to sign up. Thank you, and I really appreciate your support for the show.

[00:04:40] Ellen Scanlon: I love watching Saturday Night Live, and when SNL is on summer break, I like to watch stand up comedy specials. Recently on Netflix, I watched Leigh Anne Morgan’s I’m Every Woman and John Mulaney’s limited series Everyone’s in LA. They were very different and I thought both were a lot of fun. My favorite comedians teach me something while they’re making me laugh and that’s our goal today too.

[00:05:11] Ellen Scanlon: We have some great comedy podcast recommendations from the How to Do the Pot team and some fellow podcasters. We’ve matched them with two great strains that I think you’ll enjoy long after you’ve finished listening to your favorite show.

[00:05:33] Ellen Scanlon: First, meet Jack Herrer. And no, not a comedian. Jack Herrer is our first strain for today’s pairings. And Jack Herrera isn’t a comedian, but he was a real person. He was an incredible cannabis advocate, a writer, and he’s one of the many legends that we can all thank for the fact that cannabis is legal in 21 U.

[00:05:55] Ellen Scanlon: S. states. Jack Herrera the strain is a beloved staple of many a weed lover because it brings on feelings of sunny, relaxed happiness. It’s a real crowd pleaser and an easy to enjoy strain that helps you get up, feel energized, and want to move your body. When you smell jacaraire, you’ll get spicy hints of pine and citrus, and it often tastes herbal and woodsy.

[00:06:24] Ellen Scanlon: When I think of jacaraire, the strain, not the person, I often describe it as being like the best of caffeine because it helps me feel talkative, lively, and fun. I might have some jacare before a party if I want to get a boost or need a little help with some social anxiety. A lot of people like how it makes them feel socially, especially if you don’t want to drink.

[00:06:48] Ellen Scanlon: No couch lock here. It’s great to have around to keep the night going near the end of dinner instead of ordering coffee or another drink.

[00:07:00] Ellen Scanlon: For something fruity and fun, Let’s talk about strawberry cough, our second strain for today’s episode. Strawberry cough can be great if you are looking for a mood boost. It has a refreshing strawberry smell and a sweet taste to match, and it can bring on kind of a chilled out happy high. People love it for calming down stress and anxiety, so that you can get a lift that allows you to feel more present and able to manage your feelings.

[00:07:30] Ellen Scanlon: Pay attention to dosage though. If you want to get really high, this one will do it and it lasts longer than most strains, around three to four hours. Strawberry cough and Jack Herrera can have high percentages of THC. I’ve seen both with over 25 percent THC, which is considered a strong strain. Please pay attention to the percentage of THC on the label because the higher the THC level, the more likely that your high could be mixed with some feelings of anxiety.

[00:08:01] Ellen Scanlon: Thank you The best trick for feeling great, try one or two hits, then wait about 15 minutes to see how you feel before smoking more. And a buying note, when you buy weed in a dispensary, you will run into the terms sativa, indica, and hybrid. Usually, Jack Herrera and Strawberry Cough will be labeled as sativas.

[00:08:22] Ellen Scanlon: But these labels are not always that helpful if you really want to know how you’re going to feel. I’ll be going into this more later this summer, so stay tuned for the tips that really will help you.

[00:08:41] Ellen Scanlon: Now that I’ve introduced you to today’s strains, let’s get to the comedy podcast to pair them with. The first is Why Won’t You Date Me, hosted by Nicole Byer. This podcast is all about Nicole and her guests dating lives. She interviews comedians, friends, and even exes as she tries to get to the bottom of why she’s still single.

[00:09:06] Ellen Scanlon: The California based graphic designer Kat Delgado tells us why it’s her favorite.

[00:09:12] Katherine Delgado: I’m not listening to How to Do the Pot. I’m listening to Why Won’t You Date Me by Nicole Byer, which is so funny. And on top of that, just. Really highlights and talks to people that are like doing really cool things.

[00:09:26] Ellen Scanlon: Jack Herrera will give you a boost of energy and lighten your mood.

[00:09:30] Ellen Scanlon: Maybe inspire you to get back out there if you’re dating. Push you that extra mile on a run or a hike. And keep you motivated to clean your whole garage while you listen. And thank you to Why Won’t You Date Me for sending us a clip.

[00:09:46] Nicole Byer: He, like, invited me to his home. I proceeded to get really drunk, accused him of being gay, and then fell down his stairs and passed out.

[00:09:53] Nicole Byer: Or passed out and fell down the stairs. And, you know, other things happened. It was not a good look. We never fell in love. But I did become kind of like, lore in his house. Like his roommates would bring me up every now and again. And then when they started seeing me on TV, they’d be like, She mounted the what?

[00:10:15] Nicole Byer: There is nothing more humbling than falling. Like, nothing makes me laugh harder than seeing someone wipe out. Well, I’ll tell you this. I woke up in Brooklyn. With one blue contact in, one out, my weave was standing straight up, and my ankle was swollen, so I was limping like a pirate. And I was like, Where’s the front door?

[00:10:37] Nicole Byer: And they were like, Ah! Over here! And I never saw EJ that morning. I think he was hiding from me.

[00:10:45] Ellen Scanlon: Nicole has such a great laugh. If you love to recap a date night gone wrong, Jack Herrera could be just the new friend you need to keep it light and remember that sometimes a great story makes a crazy night worth it.

[00:11:03] Ellen Scanlon: The next podcast pick is called Fake Doctors, Real Friends. If you are a sitcom fan, you might know it already. Co stars and real life best friends Zach Braff and Donald Faison relive their hit TV show Scrubs one episode at a time. The New York based SEO strategist Cynthia Lessard tells us why she

[00:11:26] Cynthia Lessard: loves it.

[00:11:27] Cynthia Lessard: This podcast is a Scrubs rewatch with Donald Faison and Zach Braff and is simply hilarious. I listen to it whenever I need a mental break from, for example, the news.

[00:11:39] Ellen Scanlon: We all need a mental break sometimes. And just like sitcoms offer an escape from reality, Zack, Donald, and their guests help you take your mind off of heavier things.

[00:11:50] Ellen Scanlon: If you could use a low stakes laugh, the show is an easy listen and pairing it with Strawberry Cough will help to speed up that loose, easy feeling that comes with a lighter mind, and your uplifted mood will last long after the show is over.

[00:12:11] Ellen Scanlon: If you love your comedy with a dose of pop culture, Maryland based Diana Crash, host of Your Highness, is and getting personal with plant medicine recommends sexy, unique podcast,

[00:12:24] Diana Krach: sexy, unique podcast. That is one that I really enjoy because it feels like I’m talking trash about trash television with my best friends.

[00:12:36] Diana Krach: That’s when I listen to it. Laura Marie Schoenahls. and Carrie O’Donnell are obsessed with the tragic comedy of reality television and pop culture, and this is the podcast where they talk about all of it. If you’re looking for an irreverent, hilarious, and scathing deep dive into classics like Housewives, Vanderpump Rules, and Jersey Shore, as well as deep cuts like Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club and Gallery Girls, this podcast is for you.

[00:13:06] Diana Krach: And this podcast also Weaves in celebrity news and just general discussions about pop culture, but if you’re into reality television. If you binge Real Housewives just as, like, a coping mechanism, ha ha ha ha, this show is for you. Because not only is it hilarious, they do fantastic impressions of the Housewives, and they include deep cuts and references for the truest Bravo fan.

[00:13:40] Ellen Scanlon: Sounds like a lot of witty banter and great chemistry between the hosts. So depending on what you’re in the mood for, you could actually pair either strain with this podcast. Jack Herrera will help you remember that we all have a lot of good in us and the host celebrity impressions will probably be hilarious.

[00:14:01] Ellen Scanlon: The housewives are a coping mechanism for you. Strawberry cough will provide an extra boost of light for your mental health. Diana’s

[00:14:14] Ellen Scanlon: podcast, Getting Personal for Plant Medicine, is creating a community for people curious about plant medicine. The show is for novices and experts, because she thinks there’s a lot to learn and unlearn together. One way to learn is through the show’s series called Talking to Kids, which de stigmatizes and de mystifies the ways that plants and fungi intersect with our daily lives.

[00:14:39] Ellen Scanlon: Getting Personal for Plant Medicine is produced by Your Highness Media. Check it out wherever you get your podcasts.

[00:14:52] Ellen Scanlon: Did our friends choose your favorite comedy podcast? If not, let us know what you think would be a good match for Jack Herrera and Strawberry Cough. Think of Jack Herrera when you want to feel energized, creative, and ready to get moving, while Strawberry Cough is more of a euphoric and mood lifting, but still relaxing, high.

[00:15:14] Ellen Scanlon: If you want us to pare a strain to your podcast, please reach out. Send an email to hi at dothepot. com.

[00:15:25] Ellen Scanlon: Thanks to our writer, Devin Andrade, and our producers, Maddy Fair and Nick Patry. I’m Ellen Scanlon, and we’ll be back soon with more of How to Do the Pot.



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