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The 12 best cannabis strains for women.

Presenting the full Saturday Strains list. We run down all 12 of the essential cannabis strains that every woman should have in her stash, share behind the scenes secrets about how we chose the list, and offer alternative strains for each of our picks.

Looking for a New Year’s Eve strain? Check out our 5 reasons to try Leafly’s 2020 Strain of the Year, Runtz.


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April Pride: This podcast discusses Cannabis and is intended for audiences 21 and over.

April Pride: Are you ready for the full list? We’re excited to share Saturday Strains Full List. Here to help you take the worry out of weed.

April Pride: Welcome to Saturday Strains, brought to you by How to Do the Pot. I’m your host April Pride and I’ve been super excited to be your guide as we moved through the 12 essential Cannabis strains that every woman should have in her stash.

April Pride: We guided you from less-intoxicating strains, that are nearly all CBD, to strains with increasingly higher THC levels. We shared weed hacks and our goal was to inspire you to find two or three strains that can be your go tos.

April Pride: Hopefully you also listened to our Three Short Strains explained episodes to give you a foundation to start from. Now, as we like to do it, how to do the pod, we want to make it easy for you to get what you want.

April Pride: In this episode, we’ll quickly review all 12 strains and give you some behind the scenes on why we chose them. You can always go back and listen to the five minute episodes, where we answered these five questions about each strain.

April Pride: Number one. What does it help with? Does it help with pain, stress, anxiety, sleep?

April Pride: Number two. How high will I get? What are the CBD and THC levels. and what does that mean for my high?

April Pride: Number three. How will it make me feel? What are its effects? Does it make me want to giggle, relax, or does it make me want to you know?

April Pride: Number four. What will it inspire? Is it ideal to go on a hike, to clean your garage or to do anything but watch yet another movie?

April Pride: Number five. Why do women love it?

April Pride: All we’ve had to go by when it came to choosing the right strain were anecdotal stories from the brave few who were willing to share their experience. We shared lots of great stories from women who we lovingly and respectfully call guides.

April Pride: There are thousands of strains and a lot of them have funny names. I’m going to quickly run through all 12 of our picks so they’re fresh in your mind.

April Pride: ACDC, perfect for every woman. Harlequin, a little bit high and super popular. Cinex fits like a glass slipper. XJ-13, is in fact, the giggly pot. Blackberry Kush is a period pain fighter. Bubblegum, America’s next favorite strain. Headband, long-lasting playtime. Durban Poison, the espresso of Cannabis. OG Kush, super stress and sleep aid. Strawberry Cough, the ultimate mental health strain. Sour Diesel, smoke your sunshine and Girl Scout Cookies or GSC, the sexy cookie strain.

April Pride: We have a really special treat today. The lucky 13 in our list of essential strains is Leafly strain of the year for 2020. It’s called Runtz and it’s a derivative of GSC, or Cookies, made by crossing Zkittlez with Gelato. I’m going to run through five reasons Runtz should be your New Year’s Eve strain.

April Pride: Number one. What does it help with? Stress and anxiety, bye-bye 2020.

April Pride: Number two. How high will I get? You will get very high and your high will be very long lasting.

April Pride: Number three. How will it make me feel? A Runtz high starts with euphoria in your head and within a half an hour, you’ll find the head high has settled into your body, leaving your head clear.

April Pride: Number four. What will it inspire? Long conversations, short on small talk. Number five. Why do women love it? Why do women love rainbow colored weed that smells like candy and gets you high AF? Because it was just one of those years.

April Pride: First up, when we started on this Saturday Strain Series, we thought a lot about how to categorize these strains. Here’s a little behind the scenes of how we chose the special dozen.

April Pride: First we started with why do women turn to weed and settled on these categories. To reduce anxiety and stress, to sleep better, fight pain, channel creativity, enjoy sex more, to enjoy more sex, or is it the other way around? Motivate to do that thing. Finally again, better, with a smile this time. And of course, the best for last, to get social and party with our friends and the other souls anxious to ring in the age of Aquarius, right? Oh wait, that’s just what I’m dreaming of doing with at least three of these strains and Runtz.

April Pride: So, to cover these outcomes, high level, we needed CBD strains, calming strains, energizing strains and pain strains. Our guide to strains also needed to offer a range of intoxication, from non-intoxicating to mild, to strong.

April Pride: From there, we did a lot of homework. Talk to a lot of experts and show strains that we think most of you will be able to find. And that you will definitely like a lot. So let’s run down the list, starting with CBD strains, ACDC and Harlequin.

April Pride: ACDC, nearly all CBD, not intoxicating, and a great alternative strain is Sour Tsunami.

April Pride: Harlequin is a two to one strain offering mild intoxication in just about every type of person’s favorite strain to quote, “lightly chill”. Alternative strains for Harlequin, try Aliens On Moonshine and Lemon Garlic.

April Pride: The remaining strains are paired by shared effect of energizing or calming. And the reason that they’re paired is because one is going to offer a moderate high and the other is going to get you real high, right? So we’ll start with energizing strains. And remember, there’s a big range between the empty feel after green tea versus Red Bull.

April Pride: Cinex and Headband, both energizing and they can both cause anxiety. If you get anxious, just thinking about caffeine, then you should probably try the next strains we’re going to go over. So show caution with these strains. The dominant terpene is Limonene, and you can listen to the episodes to learn more about that.

April Pride: Cinex offers a moderate high and a great alternative strain is Lumino G. Headband offers a strong high. It will get you real high and a great alternative strain of Sundae Driver. That’s a favorite of a lot of our listeners.

April Pride: For those who need alternative energizing strains, XJ-13 and Durban Poison are energizing without the edge. XJ-13, also known as The Giggly Pot offers a moderate high and a great alternative strain is Jack Herer.

April Pride: Durban Poison, the espresso of Cannabis will get you real high and a great alternative stream is Dutch Treat.

April Pride: Okay, the pain strains. Blackberry Kush and OG Kush, for a knock out night of sleep and to knock out pain like migraines period of pain, including pain associated with endometriosis.

April Pride: Another word for Knock Out is Couch Lock. Blackberry Kush offers a moderate high Chocolope is a great alternative strain. It is definitely a favorite among many people I know.

April Pride: OG Kush is a strong high and you can try Afghan Skunk as an alternative strain. And justice with energizing strains, there’s a big range, calming strains, there are as well, right? Sometimes you want to relax and other times you just want to go to sleep already.

April Pride: So the remaining of these strains will help you relax to varying degrees. Bubblegum and Strawberry Cough. Calm, clear mind to approach tasks with ease, and both happened to be two of the best tasting strains.

April Pride: Bubblegum offers a moderate high and Maui Wowie is a great alternative strain. Strawberry Cough gets real high and Green Crack, don’t be scared is an alternative strain to Strawberry Cough.

April Pride: Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies or GSC. Smoke your sunshine. Both of these strains are used for improving your mood and your pain. Sour D being a favorite for migraines. Cookies is a high THC favorite that steadies your mind and settles your body for just about anything, but especially for sex.

April Pride: Sour Diesel offers a moderate high and Sour Patch Kids are a great alternative strain. GSC, Strong High and try Cookie Dough for an alternative strain

April Pride: We hope you’ve enjoyed our Saturday Strains series. Please share it with a friend.

April Pride: We would be so grateful if you would also rate and review us on Apple podcasts, it really helps more people find our show and stay tuned in 2021 for lots more of how to do the pot. And a special thanks to Lo Friesen, founder, CEO, and Chief Extraction Officer of Seattle’s beloved Cannabis brand Halo for vetting our strain selects.

April Pride: We’d also like to thank David Downs of Leafly, Jeffrey C Raber, PhD and Collin Montgomerie of the Werc shop, as well as Nick Jikomes, PhD, of Leafly for schooling us on strains.

April Pride: Thanks to my co-founder Ellen Scanlon, Madi Fair, our marketing manager and our producer, Nick Patri.

April Pride: I’m April Pride, and we’ll be back soon with more of How to Do the Pot.



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