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Helen Lewis, Crescent Canna

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Helen Lewis, Marketing Coordinator at Crescent Canna

This week we hear from Helen Lewis, Crescent Canna’s marketing coordinator about her first time at a dispensary, right when she became legal to purchase at age 21. Her experience visiting one of the first legal dispensaries in Massachusetts feels like a lifetime ago — especially now that she works for a Louisiana-based cannabis company. This episode recounts a road detour that almost derailed the entire visit. Listen in!

Did you know that 3 out of 4 women in the U.S. have access to legal cannabis? This series is dedicated to women sharing their stories and empowering you in your own experiences buying cannabis.

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Ellen Scanlon (00:00):

This podcast, discusses cannabis, and is intended for audiences 21 and over.

Ellen Scanlon (00:07):

Welcome to How to Do the Pot, a podcast demystifying cannabis for women. I’m Ellen Scanlon.

Ellen Scanlon (00:14):

One of the biggest misconceptions about shopping for legal weed is thinking that you need to know a lot about cannabis before you go. And while you can’t forget your government issued ID, and it will make it easier if you bring cash, as more states legalize, visiting a dispensary is a lot like a regular shopping experience. This series is dedicated to providing you with a support system of other women who have been in your shoes.

Ellen Scanlon (00:44):

If you scroll through our podcast feed and look for first time legal weed stories, you will hear from some really inspiring women from all across the country about the first time they bought legal cannabis. And these women offer a lot of helpful tips and really thoughtful observations, but they’re not without a few mishaps and laughs along the way too. We hope these stories make you feel supported, less alone, and a little lighthearted when you decide to make your first cannabis shopping trip. We want you to feel confident, and most importantly, to have fun. And we would love to hear your story. Send us a voice memo with your three to five minute story to hi@dothepot.com. That’s hi@dothepot.com.

Ellen Scanlon (01:35):

Helen Lewis is a Louisiana-based marketing manager at Crescent Canna. I have been using Crescent Canna’s CBD Freeze Roller with 5,000 milligrams, which is a lot, and it is amazing for topical pain. If you want to try it, we have a promo code for 25% off on our website, or you can go to Crescent Canna’s website and use the code, dothepot.

Helen Lewis (02:00):

I have visited Massachusetts every year of my life since I was a baby. I have a ton of family up there. I love it. I go as often as I can. And I ended up going on a trip there. It might have been a year, maybe two, after they legalized and set up dispensaries and it was accessible. And my goal in going there was to visit a official dispensary. So obviously, I visit family there. I couldn’t have a family member take me because, at the time, I think I was only just newly 21. My parents don’t love weed. I didn’t want to have to get into that whole discussion. I do have a friend, though, who lives in Newton, Massachusetts. And he said that he would pick me up from the airport. We could hang out for the day, and he would take me to a dispensary.

Helen Lewis (02:53):

So I was like, “Absolutely. That sounds wonderful.” I land. He picks me up. It’s exciting. We’re driving there. And somehow we got lost on the way to the dispensary. So we end up taking probably an hour detour, which is making me a little nervous because the plan was, he was going to pick me up. The plan I told my parents that is, was that he was going to pick me up, and then we were going to stop at his house for a second, and then come to them in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts.

Helen Lewis (03:24):

So that was a little nerve wracking, but we finally got there, and I was so excited. And then they told me that I actually needed an appointment to buy recreational marijuana. So I was like, “Well, shit.” I walked in. And I think the next appointment they had was, I don’t know, 20 minutes later in the day. So it was more time added onto it. But I was so excited that I just signed up for the slot, and we waited in the lobby. It was a really cool experience, just being in the lobby and seeing how legitimate a dispensary was, how everything was super clean, sterile. It felt like a doctor’s office lobby.

Helen Lewis (04:06):

And then, basically, they ended up letting me in. The way it looked inside blew me away. I went up to the counter. Was excited to order these things I picked out on the website. Unfortunately, I think it was July 4th weekend, so they were sold out of most things that I wanted, but the budtender said they did have an indica strain. I’m not normally an indica girl, but she highly recommended it. So I got it. And it was cornbread. And I swear to God, I still think about this strain. I’m not a strain snob, but cornbread rocked my world. It was soothing, amazing. Perfect for the beach town I was at for the next couple weeks. Really incredible.

Helen Lewis (04:52):

Yeah. Got it. Went to the beach house, enjoyed all my goodies. It was stressful because of the time elements, but in a way it still felt like a really positive experience because legalizing weed was something I had dreamed about. It’s funny, though, thinking about all the steps I had to go through, just with the appointments, and like, “Oh no, the dispensary was sold out.”

Helen Lewis (05:16):

Because I now work for a cannabis company and we’re based in Louisiana, so we only sell federally legal products that we can ship all over the country. And it really just takes a click of a button. You verify your age and you can order our Delta 9 THC gummies online. So going from being amazed at this dispensary that’s in one of the only places in the country that I could get recreational weed, to working for a company that has made THC so much more accessible just to everyone who needs to use it, whether it’s medical or recreational, that’s been a super cool journey.

Ellen Scanlon (06:00):

Thanks for listening to this episode of How to Do the Pot. If you’d like to share your story about the first time you bought legal weed, please send a voice memo to hi@dothepot.com or DM us at Do The Pot. For lots more information and past episodes, visit dothepot.com. And that’s also where you can sign up for How to Do the Pot’s newsletter, which comes out every other Friday. If you like How to Do the Pot, please rate and review us on Apple Podcasts. It helps more people find the show. Thank you to our producers, Madi Fair and Nick Patri. I’m Ellen Scanlon and stay tuned for more of How to Do the Pot.



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