Benefits of Cannabis: How Does Weed Best Improve Your Mood?

What’s the best weed for anxiety?



In the wake of headlines like this More People Are Taking Drugs for Anxiety and Insomnia, and Doctors Are Worried, consider:  For much of documented history, women have been excluded from medical and science knowledge production, so essentially we’ve ended up with a healthcare system, among other things in society, that has been made by men for men. – Dr. Kate Young, public health researcher

Women are more likely than men to suffer from both sleep challenges as well as anxiety and stress, and – according to the latest findings, stress and anxiety are two of the top 3 reasons women choose to consume cannabis. 

As was the unfortunate case with Julia (see quote below), anxiety disorders occur earlier in women than in men, reports the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. And pills have been the short- and long-term solution for decades. 

The group’s research also concluded that from the time a girl reaches puberty until about the age of 50 she is twice as likely to have an anxiety disorder as a man and more likely to be diagnosed with multiple psychiatric disorders during her lifetime than men. The article linked above states that the prescribed medical regimen to treat anxiety includes short-lasting benzos for the 2-4 week period before antidepressants and CBT take effect. In short, pills have been the short and long-term solution for decades. 

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Common experiences such as PMS, endometriosis, and PCOS are related to a deficiency in endocannabinoids. According to neuroscientist Dr. Michelle Ross, when you have one disorder of endocannabinoid deficiency, you may have other ones, too.


Marijuana for anxiety? This could be a game changer.

A 2019 study tracking 11,000 patients found a 50% reduction in depression and a 58% reduction in anxiety and stress following use of high CBD coupled with low THC cannabis. 

CBD helps create new neural connections in the hippocampus, and these connections help improve brain function and internal mood. And, as we review in How to Do the Pot’s Brain Episode, CBD promotes a restful sleep – unlike prescribed SSRIs & SNRIs, which can lead to sleep problems.  If you live in a legal state and feel that it is safe to do so, we suggest you consult a doctor before adding a high dose of CBD. We trust the physicians at American Cannabinoid Clinics. ACC’s Dr. Jessica Knox suggests those looking to cannabis for relief from anxiety and stress should choose a quick acting method – like inhalation or using a sublingual CBD oil tincture. She believes that the ideal product will be CBD-dominant medication.


The main function of our body’s endocannabinoid system is to maintain biological harmony in response to changes in our environment. If it gets out of balance, stress and toxins can have an adverse effect. This is where we start to see the benefits of cannabis. 

Weed doesn’t have all the answers. But imagine if it were used in combination with other mental health strategies by a fraction of the 76 million women who now have variable access to legal cannabis. Promising results suggest one of the many benefits of cannabis could be improving anxiety and stress for a great number of people – just as Prozac did for those who suffer from depression. 

And for my mother in law, she takes it because the accident took a toll on their relationship. Their life was turned upside down in a split second. And so she went from being his wife to his wife and his caretaker and his motivator and stressing out about the medical bills and stressing out about whether he was going to be okay. And there was a point where she couldn’t take it anymore and we suggested that she take the CBD. So she takes CBD regularly and it definitely helps with her anxiety. It helps with her emotions because it can be overwhelming having to deal with all those problems.

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  1. Cannabis requires experimentation and a consistent daily routine for a minimum of 2 weeks to establish your baseline dose for stress management. 
  2. Patients who have quickly learned the benefits of cannabis show notable decreases in anxiety and sleep concerns after using CBD for a month. Since 2018, hemp-derived CBD is available for purchase in all 50 states. 
  3. Women reach for CBD oil tinctures and gel capsules to manage stress. The standard dose is 8-10mg of CBD taken 1-2x per day – first dose before 10am, then second dose usually between 2-4pm. 

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More benefits of cannabis: tinctures are a good option for fast acting relief for anxiety, chronic pain and inflammation. why? the mucus membrane under your tongue can absorb and bypass the digestive system so the liquid goes straight to your bloodstream. we LOVE @rosebudcbd for the quality of the formulation and how sweetly stealth it sits @ our vanity.


In eleven U.S. states, you no longer have to buy weed with THC “from a guy” and in dozens of other states, patients have access to medical cannabis. That’s something to celebrate, but although women can walk into a dispensary and purchase weed, many of them instead ask a guy to pick something up for them. The unfamiliar language, overwhelming selection and for some, residual shame associated with the act of buying and consuming weed are all factors that inhibit a woman from getting what she needs to feel her best.

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