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Khadijah Adams, “Girl, Get That Money”

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Khadijah Adams, Founder of "Girl, Get That Money"

In today’s episode we hear from Khadijah Adams, Vice President of C.E. Hutton and the President and Founder of “Girl, Get That Money.” As a long-time consumer, Khadijah was used to buying weed from her dealer in Sugar Land, Texas—that was until Colorado legalized adult-use cannabis and Khadijah made her way to the mountains. She was shocked to discover the different cannabis strains and their array of use-cases, and she ended up learning more about weed in one dispensary visit than in 38 years of consumption. Give Khadijah’s first time story a listen.

Did you know that 3 out of 4 women in the U.S. have access to legal cannabis? This series is dedicated to women sharing their stories and empowering you in your own experiences buying cannabis.

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Ellen Scanlon (00:00):

This podcast discusses cannabis and is intended for audiences 21 and over.

Ellen Scanlon (00:08):

Welcome to How To Do The Pot, a podcast demystifying cannabis for women. I’m Ellen Scanlon. One of the biggest misconceptions about shopping for legal weed is thinking that you need to know a lot about cannabis before you go.

Ellen Scanlon (00:22):

While you can’t forget your government issued ID, and it will make it easier if you bring cash, as more states legalize, visiting a dispensary is a lot like a regular shopping experience.

Ellen Scanlon (00:33):

This series is dedicated to providing you with a support system of other women who have been in your shoes. If you scroll through our podcast feed and look for first-time legal weed stories, you’ll hear from some really inspiring women from all across the country about their first time buying legal cannabis.

Ellen Scanlon (00:53):

They offer a lot of helpful tips and some really thoughtful observations. They’re not without a few mishaps and laughs along the way too. We hope that their stories help you feel supported, less alone, and a little lighthearted when you decide to make your first cannabis shopping trip.

Ellen Scanlon (01:12):

We really want you to have fun. We would love to hear your story. Send us a voice memo with your three to five minute story to hi@dothepot.com, that’s H-I @dothepot.com.

Ellen Scanlon (01:29):

Khadijah Adams is the Colorado-based vice president of CE Hutton, a business development and management firm. She’s also the president and founder of Khadijah Adams, also known as Girl Get That Money, an authentic business empowerment coaching firm that empowers women in business by providing them with the resources and tools they need to help them reach their goals.

Khadijah Adams (01:51):

My first experience going into a dispensary to purchase cannabis legally was pretty phenomenal. I am originally from Sugar Land, Texas. Texas is an illegal state. I had been a cannabis consumer for over 38 years, and so I was used to getting cannabis from my dealer, quite frankly, in the black market.

Khadijah Adams (02:21):

When Colorado decided to legalize cannabis for recreational consumption, I moved from Sugar Land, Texas, to Colorado. My first experience walking into a dispensary to purchase cannabis legally, it was amazing.

Khadijah Adams (02:37):

It was very professional. I was not expecting that at all. It wasn’t what I was used to. The budtenders were very knowledgeable. It was very educational for me. I didn’t know that there was different strands. I didn’t know anything about indica, sativa, hybrid.

Khadijah Adams (02:56):

The budtender really helped me understand what they were, and the differences, and the different uses, and how it could help me, and how it affected my body. I left that dispensary more knowledgeable about cannabis than I went in.

Khadijah Adams (03:18):

I didn’t realize that it was medicinal. I didn’t realize before going in there that it helped me with my anxiety. I encourage any woman with any hesitation about walking into a dispensary making a legal purchase of cannabis, I encourage you to take that leap and just walk in.

Khadijah Adams (03:39):

It’s nothing of what you would think in the black market. It is totally professional. A lot of these budtenders are very knowledgeable, and they can share with you the different types of cannabis.

Khadijah Adams (03:55):

When you share with them and are open with them and share with them why you are wanting the cannabis, they can actually share with you what type of cannabis might work for your different situation. That was my first experience. It just blew my mind. It was phenomenal.

Ellen Scanlon (04:18):

Thanks for listening to this episode of How To Do The Pot. If you’d like to share your story about the first time you bought legal weed, please send a voice memo to hi@dothepot.com, or DM us @dothepot.

Ellen Scanlon (04:30):

For lots more information and past episodes, visit dothepot.com. That’s also where you can sign up for How To Do The Pot’s newsletter, which comes out every other Friday. If you like How To Do The Pot, please rate and review us on Apple Podcasts. It helps more people find the show.

Ellen Scanlon (04:46):

Thank you to our producers, Madi Fair and Nick Patri. I’m Ellen Scanlon, and stay tuned for more of How To Do The Pot.



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