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HEADBAND, Long-Lasting Playtime

Episode 35

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The strain to play.

Headband is an intoxicating, long-lasting strain. A smaller dose, like 1-2 hits from a vape, offers an uplift similar to an afternoon green tea. A heavier hit of Headband, from a joint or pre-roll, and you’ll feel creative, playful & more classically stoned.

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APRIL PRIDE: This podcast discusses cannabis, and is intended for audiences 21 and over.

APRIL PRIDE: While sampling this strain, I ventured out for a nature walk, and got lost in my thoughts while mesmerized by electric seeming fall colors, but maybe that was the Headband because I was high AF.

APRIL PRIDE: Welcome to Saturday Strains. I’m your host, April Pride. I’ll be your guide each Saturday as we move through the 12 essential cannabis strains that every woman should have in her stash. If you haven’t already, please listen to the three short Strains Explained Episodes to learn more about how cannabis is a lot like another substance we can count on to change our outlook. Wine. In each episode, you can expect more weed hacks, and remember we’ll guide you from less intoxicating strains that are nearly all CBD to strains with increasingly higher THC levels. As you know, this series is all about giving you the 12 essential strains for every woman’s stash. We’ve been advising you to pay attention to what you do and don’t like, which will help you dial in how you feel. A few weeks ago, we introduced you to a strain called CINEX. The glass slipper episode. Definitely check it out.

APRIL PRIDE: Today’s strain, Headband, is the bigger, stronger cousin of CINEX. A warning we gave you about CINEX also applies here. Are you sensitive to caffeine or stimulants? If you are, this might be a strain to avoid, because it can make you feel anxious. Here are five more things that you should know about this strain, Headband. Number one, what does it help with? Creative thinking and stress reduction. Number two, how high will I get? Headband is a strain that produces different effects, depending on how much of the strain you consume. A smaller dose, like one or two hits from a vape offers an uplift similar to an afternoon green tea. A heavier hit of Headband, like from joint or pre-roll, and you’ll feel more classically stoned with less linear thoughts. More Headband will also punch up the body high effects, which can make you feel physically sedated.

APRIL PRIDE: The high from Headband is said to last longer than average. I can attest to that. Even in users with relatively high tolerance for THC. Guilty as charged. Some sources claim that Headband originated as Humboldt County’s 707 Headband, or the strain was produced by the same Colorado based breeders responsible for Kandy Kush and Strawberry Banana, which the latter, take note, happens to be my current favorite strain for sex. Just saying. Number three, how will it make me feel? Take advantage of the initial immediate uplifting effects on your mood. That will prove energizing, because ultimately, Headband will have you looking for a place to chill and enjoy the warm body high it delivers. Named for the tightening around the temples as if you’re wearing a headband. This tightening, or feeling of pressure, is really what it is. It’s due to the strain’s THC dilating blood vessels in the face, so you can also expect that you’re going to have some blood vessels dilated in your eyes. You’re going to get red-eyed.

APRIL PRIDE: Headband is a cross between staple strains, OG Kush, and Sour D, or Sour Diesel, which explains the dual effects of this strain. Kush being a strain to calm and fight pain, where Sour Diesel is like gas in the tank.

The sensations of this cerebral high start in your head before slowly relaxing your entire body. If you’re like me, when a cerebral high comes on… A cerebral high is a clearheaded, highly functioning, creative high.

It is the perfect high for those who have some work to do, but don’t want it to be boring. Also, if you have chores, it will make them more exciting. If you’re like me, when a cerebral high comes on you may find that it is not so great for linear tasks. These are the tasks that require sequential steps to complete, including that you read directions and follow them. You may find yourself frustrated if you’re high with energy, but unable to track a task efficiently.

APRIL PRIDE: Number four, why do women love it? Because coffee is necessary, but not necessarily inspired in its adrenaline rush. When you want a generous side of euphoria coffee just won’t do. Number five, what will it inspire? Headband is the strain to get your head into a creative state of play. It’ll give you no better choice than to lean into meandering thoughts. When I find myself in this state, I know I need to take my thoughts out for a meander, or I’ll distract the literal brainstorm induced by Headband, by moving piles around my house. Headband is a high that needs to be in nature. It’ll give you the freedom to get to creative conclusions and you can start a framework for a plan, but remember it may not be the best state to come up with the literal actual plan. You will be higher longer, so enjoy it. Get creative.

APRIL PRIDE: Some parting words. Please reserve judgment if a strain we recommend doesn’t work for you. You haven’t failed, and neither have we. In fact, having gotten it wrong, you’re one step closer to your right high. You didn’t quit drinking a Long Island Iced Tea as your first bar drink turned out to be a wrong move, right? Send us a DM to @dothepot or to me directly @aprilpride, and let us know how this strain worked for you. Thank you for listening to Saturday Strains. Check us out online at

APRIL PRIDE: Special thanks to Lo Friesen, founder, CEO, and chief extraction officer of Seattle’s beloved cannabis brand, Heylo, for vetting our strain selects. We’d also like to thank Jeffrey Raber, PhD and Colin Montgomerie of The Werc Shop, as well as Nick Jikomes, PhD of Leafly for schooling us on strains. Thanks to my co-founder, Ellen Scanlon, Madi Fair, our marketing manager, and our producer, Nick Patri. I’m April Pride, and we’ll be back soon with more of How to Do the Pot.



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