The Best Weed for Sex

Strains for Sex, 5 Ahhhmazing Weed Strains + Sherbinski’s Tips for Women

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The best marijuana for sex.

Ready for the best marijuana strains for sex? We asked our favorite experts  – and share our best ideas – for how to find the right weed to feel great and get you ready for a sexy night.

Marijuana strains that produce feelings of relaxation and euphoria are often considered the best for having sex. They may also heighten feelings and sensations, making each touch more intense and increasing sexual pleasure. In dispensaries, you will see categories like sativa-dominant, hybrid or indica but the best advice is to find a strain you love with low to moderate levels of THC. You may need less THC than you think to find the best strains for sex, and dosage can vary for everyone. Looking for the perfect strain to spice up your sex life? Listen to this podcast episode to learn which are the best strains of weed for sex. 

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April Pride: This podcast discusses cannabis, and is intended for audiences 21 and over.

Mario Guzman, Sherbinskis: Trust me, that’s one of the biggest things I ask. “Hey, what do you have that makes the sex good?” It’s like one of the biggest things I get asked by men and women.

April Pride: Welcome back to How to Do the Pot brought to you by the High Guide. I’m April Pride. During the month of February we created our first High Guide series, all about sex. Follow along on our newsletter, you should sign up at, and of course, we’ll be posting on our socials.

Are you ready for the best cannabis strains for sex? You just heard from Mario Guzman, the founder of California cannabis company Sherbinski’s, and one of the best known growers in the industry. On today’s show, Sherbinski and some amazing High Guides, let us in on their top picks for the bedroom, and we have some ideas for you too.

But please reach out if a strain you love isn’t covered. We want to know your favorites, and we’ll be sure to share. For questions about how cannabis helps heighten sensation, your distractions, and the best products for sex, check out Episodes 52 and 53 of How to Do the Pot.

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Sherbinski is the grower and breeder behind two strains that women love for sex, Gelato and Pink Panties. How does the man who developed the strain think about improving the sexual experience for the women in his life?

Mario Guzman, Sherbinskis: I’ve got messages from women over the years that, “Hey, I was having trouble having orgasms and for different reasons. And then when I smoked your plant, I was able to relax, and I had this great experience with my husband.” I’ve got plenty of messages like that.

And I try to focus and dial in on the feedback they give me in creating the next generation. I think one of the things that’s not good is creating too strong of a strain. That’s that’s the biggest thing I want to avoid, because obviously, that creates bad experiences.

And one of the things, and ladies I’m sure this has happened, you’re with your boyfriend, your husband, your girlfriend, whatever it is, and you’re, “Hey, I’m going to get high and we’re going to have great sex.” And then you hit the joint twice, and then you’re just laying there, stupid, “Oh, what did I do?” It ruins the experience.

Mario Guzman, Sherbinskis: A lot of times they fall asleep. You’re getting ready there for action Jackson, and you look over and they’re passed out, and that’s not a good experience.

It’s about creating an experience that they’re going to feel comfortable with, that’s going to lower their inhibitions, it’s not getting them too high, it’s making them feel good to where all of a sudden, it’s a good experience. And next time they’re going to say, “Hey, Saturday night, how about we do that Pink Panties again? That was great.”

April Pride: How to Do the Pot series Saturday Strains demystified the 12 essential cannabis strains for every woman’s stash. We also gave you quick five minute episodes on the most important things to think about when you’re trying a new cannabis strain. Check out Episodes, 23, 24, 25, if you want to dig deeper.

For today just remember this, cannabinoid, chemical compounds in the plant that interact with receptors in our bodies to produce specific effects, and terpenes which give weed, it’s smell and taste. You’re likely very familiar with the two most popular and well-researched cannabinoids, THC and CBD.

THC is the main compound involved in producing feelings of euphoria or the “high” most commonly associated with weed. In addition to providing the elevated feeling sought after by cannabis enthusiasts, THC produces a multitude of medicinal effects, such as pain relief, sedation, appetite stimulation, and it’s been shown to help with a variety of conditions. CBD is one of the many non intoxicating cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

April Pride: In addition to not producing any feelings of being high, CBD also mitigates the psychoactive effects produced by THC. So if you get too high with THC, have some CBD handy like in a tincture form, put it under your tongue, wait about 30 minutes, and you’ll chill out.

CBD has strong anti-inflammatory properties and can help with a variety of conditions. Three of our picks for Saturday strains are also standouts for sex, Cinex, Bubblegum, and GSC, also known as Girl Scout Cookies, or cookies.

Listen to the series or check out the strains on our website, Cinex. Cinex inspires focused creative play in the bedroom, and the increased energy and stamina, and this strain will keep you up all night. Cinex can cause anxiety in people who may be prone to such things even when you’re not high.

April Pride: So start with a smaller dose, or try another strain of stimulants if caffeine aren’t your thing. Bubblegum. Imagine your to-do list on mute, so you can enjoy blissful moments of physical and mental wellbeing.

Your relaxed body and mind support each other, and you’ll feel pleasantly cocooned in a hazy pink bubble. This is also one of the best tasting strains out there.

GSC or Girl Scout Cookies. Women love GSC because it earns them a very different girl scout badge. GSC is the strain for sex and masturbation, and part because of its reputation, for facilitating natural moisture in women. With a partner, a GSC high will inspire greater intimacy through deeper conversations, relaxed body vibes, and creative thinking.

This is also a perfect strain for masturbation. And plan to enjoy yourself for a long while because GSC gets you higher for longer. And fun fact, Sherbinski was part of the cookies fam, which brought us GSC. So he really is the go-to guy for sexy strains.

April Pride: One more thing to keep in mind when you’re ready to consume THC for sex. Did you know that feeling effects of cannabis can be affected by your monthly hormones? Women are more responsive to the effects of THC when estrogen levels are at their highest, which occurs when you’re ovulating.

So if you consume THC, then, you’ll feel higher than at other times of the month. Estrogen levels are at their lowest when you have your period. So this is when your tolerance to THC will be the highest. You may need more than usual, actually, if you want to feel the psychoactive effects.

We have a great chat on our website,, on a page called, “how can weed help with period pain” to guide you. I’ll link to it in the show notes. Sherbinski is known for developing and growing cannabis flower, but he thinks embracing variety is the best way for women to find the right products to enhance sex.

Mario Guzman, Sherbinskis: And I encourage women to look outside just of a flower, there’s so many different ways now that you can experience it. And maybe smoking a joint isn’t …. Or even an edible, maybe you’ve had bad experiences in the past.

But now with the proper dosing in a lot of these legal States, you can get down to even like two milligrams per dose, like some of these different brands. So you’re in a safe place to experiment. My girlfriend, she’s 110 pounds and she’s very sensitive, but, she can take a two and a half milligram up to a five milligram, and it totally blows her away. Not a bad experience, but she definitely gets where she needs to.

Mario Guzman, Sherbinskis: And so, I just encourage you, go to your local dispensary, buy a bunch of products that look cool, try them all.

Just have it in your drawer and be like, “Oh honey, let’s try this together tonight.” And you’re going to take a little tincture. “Oh, I didn’t like that. Okay, what else do I got in my bag? Oh, we took this edible. Oh my God. I love those edibles, it was so fun.”

And then by grabbing this variety pack of products, you’re going to identify what you like. But you can’t be afraid to experiment. I think once women get that experience from an edible, a joint, or any type of thing, suddenly, that’s their favorite thing.

And you can rely on that as something that can help you. Whether it’s just lowering inhibitions, having fun.

April Pride: For today’s high five, Antuanette Gomez, a Pleasure Peaks, helps us out with her favorite strains for sex. Number one.

Antuanette Gomez, Pleasure Peaks: My strain number one for when it comes to cannabis and bringing it into the bedroom, has to be Super Silver Haze, write it down ladies, Super Silver Haze. This is one of the strains that I didn’t fall in love with, it fell in love with me, okay.

I felt like the first time I smoked this, I was being enchanted by a man. I just became absolutely infatuated with anybody in front of me. You have those love goggles on, those love glasses.

So you just want to get intimate, and pleasureful, then you’re just in this positive, loving energy with this high, and it’s such a beautiful experience. So that has to be number one for sure. Super Silver Haze.

April Pride: Number two. And this is a cult favorite strain in Canada, but it’s tough to find in the US.

Antuanette Gomez, Pleasure Peaks: My second best bedroom cannabis strain has to be Pink Kush. There is nothing better than Pink Kush, especially as a Toronto native, as a Canadian, Pink Kush is one of our best cultivars, one of our best well-known, world-known really. It’s such a beautiful, philosophical high that you get with this.

It brings you out of your body, you’re no longer in your stress, you’re no longer about your worries. That is so far beyond gone. What you’re worried and interested about is, how the universe works, how the universe brought you all this love and joy, the beautiful connections you have with your family members and friends, and the gratitude that comes with it. I feel that Pink Kush is such a loving, energetic strain that makes you just feel encapsulated.

Antuanette Gomez, Pleasure Peaks: I find it’s more so on the body aspect of things, definitely not as cerebral as a Super Silver Haze. So you’re very much in your body, definitely amazing experience to only give oral, but also get oral I find, because it really heightens your sensitivity to touch because of that body feeling. And Pink Kush, oh my gosh, you just can’t say good enough things about it.

Personally, I sometimes don’t like giving oral. It’s a job per se, half of the time. So, when I find that I don’t actually want to do the deed, Pink Kush would always help me out. It would help me find the pleasure within the job.

So, Pink Kush has to be my number two go-to, because not only does it help me with self love, and self expression, and that creativity, and that beautiful energy it brings, but also can share that with a partner, and I think that’s beautiful. So that’s number two, Pink Kush.

April Pride: Number three.

Antuanette Gomez, Pleasure Peaks: My third best sex and cannabis strain must be a Green Crack, terrible name but it’s so amazing. Green Crack is really energetic. I find that me being such a lazy body, you couldn’t even get me to work out most days, but when I smoke Green Crack, it really gets me all the energy I need to be creative in the bedroom.

Cool sex toys that you can bring into the bedroom and try new things, and outfits, and costumes, and role-playing, there’s so much that is fun and sexuality these days. So if you need the energy to do that with a partner, Green Crack is so phenomenal.

It gets you into this really determined, sexy energy that makes a really excited, really excited, because you don’t know what’s coming. You have no idea what your partner is going to do next, but you know it’s going to be a fun time. And I find that Green Crack is more of a cerebral high as well.

Antuanette Gomez, Pleasure Peaks: Sex is also a heavily cerebral. Sex starts in the brain, so I find that this could also be a really fun time if you want to spice up the bedroom, but you don’t necessarily know how, smoke Green Crack, go to a sex store and feel it out. See what you’ll have afterwards, but it’s a great strain for the pleasure curious to explore most definitely. So that’s number three.

April Pride: Number four.

Antuanette Gomez, Pleasure Peaks: Lucky number four for pleasure cannabis experiences would have to be Tangie. This strain makes me feel a lot more connected to nature, a lot more connected with the people around me, a lot more connected with myself, but almost giving me that philosophical effects as well, like the Pink Kush, but more of a body high, which is really cool.

So, Tangie is super fun if you want to smoke the strain and have a very loving cannabis massage oil with a partner, even massaging yourself, let’s try some self-pleasure tantric experiences with Tangie, would be so incredibly pleasureful. Trust me Tangie is so amazing for self-love, but also for partners.

It makes me melt into my body. It makes me just really let go of all of my worries. If you find that maybe you’re one person that has sexual performance anxiety, maybe this would be a great strain for you. So that’s number four, Tangie.

April Pride: Number five.

Antuanette Gomez, Pleasure Peaks: So number five has to be, the Saturna. Saturna is my party, sex, fun, pleasure, multi orgasm, out of this world, squirting all over the place, panting all over your partner strain. Saturna is one of my favorites, makes me not only so happy, and excited, and energetic, but also heavily aroused.

I don’t know how, but it just makes me feel so aroused every single time, but also excited. So it brings that playful, date night, type of vibe. You want to do something fun with your partner, but we’re all in quarantine, how could we step it up a notch? The Saturna, the Saturna brings the party home. It makes things exciting, I think it makes things playful.

And it’s the perfect energy for that loving, and date like experiences. If you want to get to know each other a little bit better, maybe, even on a virtual date, because I find that with this playfulness, you get to put your ego aside and really show your true authentic self within that sexual, erotic manner that this Saturna builds for you.

So, Saturna has to be on the list, most definitely for my party, sexy fun maybe, one nightstand, fun guy, Saturna has to be there most definitely. So, that’s lucky number five.

April Pride: Thanks so much to Antuanette for sharing your favorite strains and amazing tips. Let us know if you try one and how it works for you.

And for today’s podcast recs. I like alone, a love story hosted by Michelle Perise. With candor and humor, Michelle delves into the deepest, darkest aspects of her divorce, and her new life as a part-time parent, and part-time partier.

Elam likes the oldest profession podcast hosted by Katelyn Bailey in a reverend history that reminds listeners that sex workers have always been part of the story. This episode specifically covers, Anais Nin, the first prominent woman in the modern West known to write and publish erotic literature.

And to do the pod, What are you smoking? Hosted by Leafly reporters, Will hide, and Dante Jordan. Episode 79, Mr. Sherbinski, one of the premier cannabis breeders and growers of the modern era. Thank you for listening to, How to Do the Pot brought to you by the High Guide, every woman’s cannabis handbook.

Let us know what you think. Find us on Instagram, @dothepot. And you can follow me @aprilpride. For lots more information about cannabis and women, visit

Thanks to my co-founder Ellen Scanlon, Madi Fair, our brand manager, and our producer, Nick Patri. I’m April Pride, and we’ll be back soon with more of how to do pot.



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