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5 Ideas for Safely Sharing Weed in COVID Times

COVID has changed many things about our daily life, including beloved weed rituals like sharing a joint. We get creative about consuming together with tips from some of our favorite guides: Lizzie Post of the Emily Post Institute, Verena von Pfetten, the co-founder of Gossamer, and Rosie Mattio, founder of Mattio Communications. Plus, we share three strains and three podcasts we love.

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April Pride: This podcast discusses cannabis, and is intended for audiences 21 and over.

Lizzie Post: Focus on the fact that someone gave you something that they thought you would like, and that you’re appreciative of just that level of generosity. It might not be a strain you can consume, or it might not be a method, or product that you can consume, but you can say, “Oh my gosh, this is incredibly thoughtful of you. Thank you so much.” You can leave your thank you at that. Or, you might say, “Oh, is it okay with you if I save this for when my grandma visits? She loves this strain.” I like this method because it both gives you a chance to say thank you for the gift, but it also lets you show how you might be excited to use it and incorporate it in your life even if it isn’t to roll a joint right now and smoke it.

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April Pride: While historically, I haven’t been one to shy away from sharing weed, as we all know, COVID times are different. You just heard from our favorite weed etiquette expert, Lizzie Post, on what to do if someone shares weed with you, but you aren’t quite ready to try it. This summer, I started walking with friends, dubbed J Walks, because the point was to also enjoy a J or a joint, or pre-roll, just like old times-ish. Walk a little in the direction of a dispensary, choose something to smoke.

April Pride: And if you follow me on Instagram @aprilpride, you may have seen the crucial error I made on the first of such walks that required a weed hack involving gum in its packaging fashioned into, in the words of one friend, a joint condom. The “condom” is a torn piece of gum packaging carefully wrapped around the crutch, which is also called a filter tip. You take a hit and take your wrapper.

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April Pride: So while physically sharing a joint is definitely harder these days, these COVID days, it’s a beloved part of the experience. And as we look ahead with less coming together in celebration, let’s celebrate the ritual of consuming together, whatever it looks like in the months ahead. Verena von Pfetten, the Co-founder of Gossamer, reminds us what to look forward to.

Verena von Pfetten: I’m a very, very social consumer, so I love doing it with friends. I think there’s a sense of intimacy you get with people when you share a joint, or an edible, or have that sort of shared experience. It’s so interesting, as I think I’ve made the fastest, closest friends with people through weed.

April Pride: Rosie Mattio, the Founder of PR agency, Mattio Communications, has started sharing edibles with her mom.

Rosie Mattio: If you asked me 10 years ago that I’d be having all these conversations about cannabis with every single person in my life, I would have said, “You are crazy.” The conversations with my mother are hysterical, I have to say. But now she has hip pain. She also has trouble sleeping. And it’s funny that she’ll come over like, “What do you have?” And so she had not had any cannabis probably in 40 years. And then a few weeks ago she was over complaining. I just got the macaroons, and I was like, “Take these home, mom.” She’s like, “When do I take them?”

Rosie Mattio: So she took it at night, texted me being like, “I don’t really feel anything, but taste delicious.” And then the next morning I got a text from her saying, “I had the best sleep of my life,” which is awesome. It’s awesome. She’s like, “I feel amazing today.” She had no trouble getting up in the morning after having the macaroons. The next time she came over, she’s like, “What do you got for me?” I’m like, “Hey, I’m going to have to share with you now.” But it’s great and I love that she’s using it as an option.

April Pride: For today’s High Five, creative ways to share weed. And I’ll tag all these brands in the show notes and you can find the transcripts on our website at Number one, cannabis pre-roll multi-packs let you try a rainbow of flavors on your own, or everyone gets to choose their own flavor. In California, try Aster Farm’s Day to Night Pack. Or in California, Washington or Oklahoma, try Saints Joints Multipack. Number two, protect your lips with the joint holder from HauteSmokes, and that’s Haute as in H-A-U-T-E.

April Pride: Number three, use a fancy glass cigarette holder from Edie Parker Flower. And grab an extra glass tip for a friend. Number four, try cannabis beverage. THC options include low dose cann, that’s C-A-N-N, available only in California. Or for 50 state-friendly drink, try CBD only version from woman founded, W*ndr. And there is an asterisk in the place of the O and there is no E, just so you know. Number five, wash your hands and pop one in your mouth.

April Pride: CBD gummies are available to ship anywhere in the US. Try Charlotte’s Web or Lord Jones. For today’s Strain Recs, strains for enjoying a long walk. Maybe make it a J Walk. Silver Haze inspires an escape from the indoors, melt stress and mild aches, increases stamina, creativity, and appetite. It will cause dry mouth and dry eyes. Jack the Ripper, best for a walk on the wild side. Not for those prone to anxiety. Expect grand euphoria. Yay. Diminishes depression. Green Crack, allows you to tune in to all that surrounds. It is a perfect daytime strain, directed energy and focus. It’s like smoking sunshine.

April Pride: Podcast recs. I like Articles of Interest, hosted by Avery Trufelman. A mini series within 99% Invisible. Each installment pertains to a different aspect of dress, including pockets, plaid, and punk. Ellen likes Becoming Wise hosted by Krista Tippett. Civil rights leader, John Lewis, on living as if the beloved community were already our reality. And to do the pot, On Something, hosted by Ann Marie Awad. Meet the founder of Leaf411, a free hotline for cannabis questions, staffed by experienced nurses.

April Pride: Thank you for listening to this audio newsletter. Let us know what you think. Find us on Instagram @dothepot. And you can follow me @aprilpride. And for lots more information about cannabis and women, visit Thanks to my Co-founder Ellen Scanlon, Madi Fair, our Marketing Manager, and our Producer, Nick Patri. I’m April Pride. And we’ll be back here soon with more of How to Do the Pot.



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