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5 things to know before your next dispensary trip.

retail pioneer Hope Wiseman talks buying weed.

How to buy legal weed, feel comfortable, and get what you want out of your next – or first – visit to a cannabis dispensary. America’s youngest black female dispensary owner, Hope Wiseman, walks us through buying the pot.  

After listening to this episode you will have a better understanding of… 

Featuring Hope Wiseman, owner of Mary & Main.

  • What to bring to a dispensary – from ID to a clear idea of how you want to feel.
  • How to work with budtenders, including what they can/cannot say.
  • The questions to ask before leaving a dispensary.

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Hope Wiseman: Our most common questions are about how to alleviate chronic pain. I have issues falling asleep. That’s another one we get a lot. What should I take for that? They’re not going to say to you, “This product will cure your insomnia.” They’re not going to say, “This product will take away all of your pain definitely.” You’re going to hear that people find relief using this product and this is how they used it with this dosage. We tell our budtenders don’t give medical advice.

April Pride: Welcome to our High Five mini series where we give you practical tips for how to do the pot. I’m your host, April Pride.

April Pride: In 11 States, you no longer have to buy weed from a guy or through a guy, and in dozens of other States, patients have access to medical cannabis. That’s something to celebrate, but although women can walk into a dispensary and purchase weed, many of them instead ask a guy to pick something up for them. The unfamiliar language, overwhelming selection, and for some, residual shame associated with the act of buying and consuming weed are all factors that inhibit a woman from getting what she needs to feel her best. Who better to take on some of these obstacles and help women prepare for their trip to a weed store than a woman?

Hope Wiseman: Hello, everybody. My name is Hope Wiseman. I am the founder of Mary and Main, which is a medical cannabis dispensary in Maryland.

April Pride: As the youngest African American woman to own a dispensary and the US, Hope’s vision is proving foundational to how we will all shop for cannabis in the future. And today, she shares five things to make your next or first trip to a dispensary a success.

April Pride: Number one, choose a licensed cannabis retailer.

Hope Wiseman: A lot of licensed retailers are doing everything they can to make sure these dispensaries are environments that are very comfortable for patients and very safe for patients or customers depending on whether it’s an adult use or medical market. Your alternatives to going to a legal dispensary are buying cannabis from the illegal or legacy market. Licensed dispensaries have gone through a rigorous application process. A lot of dispensaries aren’t designed to protect not only the products and the employees of the business, but the customers of the business as well.

April Pride: Number two, show up prepared. Take stock of what you need and what you have.

Hope Wiseman: Whether you’re in a medical or adult use state, you’re going to need your government issued ID. Most places will not serve you even if you are a loyal customer and you come back every single day. You’re going to need cash or your ATM card. 99% of dispensaries do have an ATM on site. So in case you don’t have cash, you can use the ATM at the store. You’re going to want to know the supplies that you have at home that you can use to utilize your purchase. If you know you like cartridges but you don’t have a battery for your cartridge, when you get home and you just buy the cartridge that’s full of oil, you’re not going to be able to use it without a battery. These are the types of questions that you’ll want to ask your budtender to make sure that you have the right tools and devices to be able to actually use your products. A lot of stores have online menus, which is a really great way to be able to browse what the store has in advance of showing up.

April Pride: Number three, know your weed goals with the products purchased at the dispensary.

Hope Wiseman: You should be prepared to share details about your most recent experience with cannabis. What brand did you use? What dose did you take? How did it make you feel, and did you enjoy that feeling, or would you like a different feeling? What is your desired outcome? If you have a good idea of these things in advance of coming to the dispensary, it could make the experience more pleasurable. The budtender can take their time and explain different methods of use. For example, if you’re having knee pain, a topical is probably the best type of cannabis for you for that specific ailment versus smoking a joint.

April Pride: So the person between you and your best cannabis outcome is your budtender, and they can help you best the better they know you. They want you to achieve your weed goal. Number four, understand how to work with budtenders.

Hope Wiseman: They are experts in the brands that they carry. They’re talking directly to patients and customers all day every day. They understand all the frequently-asked questions. When someone first comes to a dispensary, a lot of times people go to their budtender and they’re looking for medical advice. These are retail sales associates and they are not medical professionals. They are not allowed to give medical advice, but a lot of them are highly trained on the science of cannabis. So there is a level of expertise that you can expect.

April Pride: So finally you have the goods, but before you leave the store, number five, confirm you know how to consume them safely.

Hope Wiseman: Before you leave the dispensary, if you don’t know how to use these products, make sure you talk to your budtender. These are the types of things they definitely can help you with. Don’t leave the dispensary before you actually get that advice because nothing is worse than coming home and having spent a good amount of money on your products and then not even knowing how to use it. It’s important for everyone to understand that there is an optimal level of dosage for whatever your desired outcome is. I would journal the products I’m using, my desired outcome, how I’m feeling, and how long it takes for me to feel those ways as well as what the full experience was like.

April Pride: Here’s a recap on Hope’s High Five for getting what you want and need out of a trip to your local dispensary. Number one, choose a licensed cannabis retailer. Where you choose to go maybe based on the convenience of the store’s location, it’s selection, or the staff you can trust it’s safe. Number two, show up prepared. Bring your government issued ID, cash, or debit card. Take a minute before you go and think about what you need. Number three, know your weed goals. Ask yourself, “How do I want to feel?” Number four, understand how to work with budtenders. They have answers to most of your questions related to the plant and ancillary products, but they can’t give medical advice. Number five, confirm you know how to consume your purchases safely. Double check on dosing or any other questions to help you get your best cannabis outcome.

April Pride: What’s your favorite dispensary? Share it with us. Email us a voice memo to Thank you for listening to our High Five mini episode. Thanks to my co-founder, Ellen Scanlon, Betsy Kabaker, and Maddie Fare, as well as our producers, Eliza Lambert and Taylor Dankovich for pod people. If you like the show, please share it with someone. Rate and review us on Apple podcast and visit for more information on the topics covered in our episodes.



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