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What is Good *ENERGIZING* Weed? Perk Up with Sour Diesel and XJ-13.

Episode 159

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Boost your energy with these strains

If you’ve been tuning in each week for our “What is Good Weed for Women?” series, you’ve heard us talk about relaxing strains, balanced strains, and Landrace strains. Now, it’s finally time to talk about… energizing strains! These strains are heavy on the THC, light on the CBD, and offer a nice boost of energy, creativity, and enthusiasm. Press play to hear why Sour Diesel and XJ-13 make good subs for alcohol, and why we suggest starting slow.

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Ellen Scanlon (00:00):

This podcast discusses cannabis and is intended for audiences 21 and over.

Adriana Carlile (00:06):

What is the experience like when you smoke it? Is it harsh? Are you coughing or is it a smooth experience where you really taste the flavors? It’s a smooth hit. High terpenes are going to make the experience kind of just last a little longer. Also, is there a resin ring around your joint while you’re smoking it? Does it go out a lot while you’re smoking it? Do you constantly have to relight it or is it just kind of lit the whole time? These are just kind of little qualifying things that I look for when I’m determining what’s good weed and what I want to put out there.

Ellen Scanlon (00:39):

Welcome to How To Do The Pot, A podcast demystifying Cannabis for women. I’m Ellen Scanlon. You just heard from Adriana Ruiz Carlile, the Oregon based co-founder of Magic Hour Cannabis, sharing what good weed means to her.


Welcome to our series, What Is Good Weed for Women? In these episodes, we dig into good weed for how you want to feel and which strains will help you feel that way, whether that is more relaxed, more balanced, or more energized. This is a how-to show and the most important question to ask yourself before we start this episode is how do I want to feel after I consume? And I am going to teach you how to get there. I’ll give you recommendations for strains for specific activities because if you’re going apple picking on a farm, you may want to feel differently than if you’re going with friends to an NBA basketball game. I’ll tell you about two essential strains on each episode and share the most important things to know about each strain before you buy it. I believe that a big part of what makes good weed is when it perfectly matches your needs. I hope these tips, some from our listeners, some from cannabis experts, help you feel more confident when you’re ready to try for yourself. Today we are talking all about energizing strains.

Stacy Zeal (02:18):

I love to feel that euphoric kind of high, that energizing high. So whenever I’m looking at strains, I try to look for some that have mostly THC.

Ellen Scanlon (02:26):

That was Stacy Zeal, a Maryland based social media strategist explaining what we mean by an energizing high and what to look for in your strains to achieve it. Energizing strains do tend to have a higher percentage of THC, the intoxicating part of the plant. They are also known for being cerebral, which means that they affect your mind more than your body. You don’t have to worry about getting couch lock, but you probably won’t feel the soothing muscle melt that you can get with more relaxing strains. I recommend trying energizing strains when you want to feel lively, social, creative, focused. For me, that usually means before going out, whether that’s to do something social like go to a party or out to dinner with friends, or if I’m getting outside for a long run or a really special hike.


Just be warned that if you try these strains at night, sometimes they keep people, like me, up late with a lot of energy. Typically, energizing strains will be labeled as sativas in dispensaries, but I’d like to stay away from those terms because it won’t always be an exact match for how you will feel. If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out episode 77 called Indica Sativa Hybrid. I’m excited to share these strains that can really help you feel energized and I want to be very straightforward about what can happen while you’re figuring this out.


I have a strong memory of taking a few hits from an energizing strain called Durban Poison from a brand new vape pen right before I went out to dinner at Che Fico, a really hot restaurant that had just opened in San Francisco, this was a couple years ago, and I was really excited to have a reservation. But the weed was powerful, and not in a good way for me. Even though I just took a few hits, before long, I felt very anxious and I did not want to be in that busy restaurant. When I’m going out after trying a new strain, I always bring a CBD oil tincture with me because it’s sort of an antidote to getting too high. So I had it with me, I went to the bathroom, I took a lot of deep breaths and I put the CBD oil under my tongue for about 30 seconds. I was back to normal in 15 minutes. I felt less high and the effects were something that I can handle. But if I hadn’t been prepared, it could have really ruined a night that I was excited about.


I’m telling you this not to scare you, but with the hope that my experience can help guide you to better ones in the future. So I really recommend starting slow when experimenting with new energizing strains. Take one hit and wait maybe 15 minutes before taking another so you can see how you feel. If you can, carry some CBD tincture with you so you know you’ll always have an escape route if you don’t like how you’re feeling. And maybe experiment in a safe, comfortable environment first. Try these strains at home where the stakes are low and there’s not much else to do on your agenda, that way you won’t risk your night out.


So when are energizing strains write for your mood? Energizing strains are great if you’re going out for a big night with friends but don’t really feel like drinking. They are perfect for brainstorming when you want to come up with a lot of new and really creative ideas, if you want to cut back on coffee or if you’re going to a concert or visiting a cool art exhibit, energizing strains can enhance your good time. Energizing strains are also really popular. So popular that are first strain recommendation has multiple songs that have been written about it. I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with [inaudible 00:06:46]. Can you guess? It’s Sour Diesel. Sour Diesel is not only popular in music, it’s also popular in pasta. “Adding weed to pasta?” you might be asking yourself, yes, you heard me correctly.


I’m going to read a quote from Celebrity Chef Action Bronson that gives us a peek into his favorite recipe, “My go-to dish is a bucatini pasta with olive oil and a little bit of Sour Diesel mixed into it. I extract the sour into the oil, then I toss it with some broccolini, red pepper flakes and toasted garlic.” If you head to our Instagram this week @dothepot, we will post this recipe as one of our Friday infusion reels so you can cook it yourself and see it come to life. In our essential strain series we call Sour Diesel, the Smoke Your Sunshine strain because it’s likely to make you feel sunny and positive. Lana Van Brunt, the New York based co-founder of Sackville and Co, has been enjoying Sour Diesel a lot lately.

Lana Van Brunt (07:55):

I feel like for what I’ve been smoking lately, there always seems to be Sour Diesel in it. It’s a super popular strain, somewhere in the middle on the THC potency side, it is very energizing, chatty, still gives you a nice calm and keeps you in your body, but also allows you to feel like you want to accomplish some things.

Ellen Scanlon (08:19):

Sour Diesel generally doesn’t have any CBD in it and check the THC levels and look for one that is around 20%, which will bring on a moderate buzz and gives you long lasting energy. That being said, remember when I talked about starting slow. Less can definitely be more and please consider pacing yourself. I want you to feel great and you might need less than you think.


Okay, let’s dive in a little deeper. What is Sour Diesel’s history? Like most strains developed in the 1990s, Sour Diesel doesn’t have a birth certificate. The documentation that does exist is mostly legend, but the accepted history traces it back to a Grateful Dead Tour in 1991. A bag of the strain Chemdog with seeds in it ended up in Massachusetts. After several different crosses with many different strain names in the mix, somehow in some way Sour Diesel was born. What does Sour Diesel smell and taste like? This strain definitely has some tang to it with pungent, herbal, lemony and earthy tones. It also has a smell similar to diesel fuel, which might be where its name comes from. I have to say, it’s borderline stinky as it really does smell like a cross between a sour, citrusy fuel. Some people love this smell, and I always recommend trying to smell your flour before buying it if you can. If you like the smell, you’ll probably like its effects. Your nose knows, as they say.


Why do women love Sour Diesel? Sour Diesel is one of the best weed strains for long lasting energy with an elevated mood. It can help lift chronic pain or migraines that might otherwise keep you hidden away in a dark room, both mentally and physically. The happy, uplifted effects also make it a popular alternative to antidepressants. It’s a top choice for medical patients who want to be okay with the sight, smell and taste of food because it does help to stimulate appetite. And it can also help clear brain fog and allow you to focus clearly. When is the right time to try Sour Diesel? Sour Diesel is a solid choice for activities that require stamina and enthusiasm. It’s great for creative play and time with friends, you might want to take a walk, enjoy nature, practice yoga, but it can also be used to apply that focused energy to a house project that maybe you’ve been dreading, like organizing your garage or going through your clothes for goodwill. Hayley Dineen, the co-founder of Sackville and Co, likes to get creative.

Hayley Dineen (11:27):

I am like a full-time crafter, craft addict, in my spare time, so whether that’s sewing or knitting, I know I sound like a grandma when I say that, but I went to fashion school and I honestly missed just the days of being a student when you’re at home sewing really cool things all day, and so my most favorite thing to do is smoke good weed and just spend the rest of the day crafting.

Ellen Scanlon (11:54):

Sour Diesel is a heavy hitting strain and I recommend starting slow, because even though it might have a lower THC level, it still can sneak up on you. Remember that you have the CBD oil tincture trick in your back pocket if you ever need to feel less high. Some people do report feeling anxious with kind of a tight chest when they over consume Sour Diesel and I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Take one hit and then take a break and see how you feel. But also don’t let this intimidate you. You have all the facts and Sour Diesel is a great strain for so many people. If you do end up experimenting with Sour Diesel, please let us know. We’d love to hear how it went for you.


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And if you’re looking for something a little more goofy, I have the strain for you. In How To Do The Pot’s Essential Strain series, we call it the Giggly Pot because it makes you giggle. It gives you a smooth, energizing high and is mildly intoxicating. This strain is less likely to induce anxiety or paranoia, so it’s perfect for someone who is still shopping around to find their favorite strains. Any guesses? It has kind of a funny name in an ironic way. It is the most scientific sounding and uptight name for a strain that at its core is all about laughing. It is XJ13. This strain brings on those really, really big laughs that feel so good that your cheeks hurt, and that’s a feeling I think is good for all of us to experience. It’s a lot of fun and I definitely recommend it. Marley Fair, our friend and researcher at How To Do The Pot, explains why she loves this strain.

Marley Fair (15:57):

XJ13 is a really versatile strain. I find it to be great for a night out, whether you’re hanging out with old friends or meeting new people, it makes me feel talkative and bubbly, giggly, like I can just be myself. On the other hand, it’s also a great daytime strain, whether you’re spending time outdoors or running errands, the little bit of energy boost that it gives you is awesome. One of my favorite things about this strain is definitely that it has these mood and energy boosting properties, but it doesn’t come along with any of that anxiety or paranoia that can sometimes affect me with more energizing strains.

Ellen Scanlon (16:46):

What is XJ13’s history? We don’t know very much about it, but we do know it’s parent strains are Jack Herer and G13, which is probably where the XJ comes from. X meaning crossed and J for Jack, and then 13 coming from the G13 strain parent. What does XJ13 taste and smell like? It has a fresh, summary smell that makes it the perfect weed for bringing on sunny feelings. It tastes sweet, spicy, has a little citrus and pine flavor in it. It can also be very lemony, which adds to the overall uplift.


Why do women love XJ13? This strain is the ultimate mood lifter. It helps get rid of bad moods and stress. It’s a daytime friendly strain that tapers down to a chill, peaceful sense of wellbeing. Your body will likely feel pain free and light and your thoughts will be clear and calm. This strain works really well if you’re experiencing extra stress or mood swings. The uplifting effects help to push away extreme emotions and negative thoughts and it helps with mental clarity and if you’re suffering from general fatigue. When is the right time to try XJ13? This strain is ideal for your best friend’s bachelorette weekend or a boozy brunch where you don’t feel like drinking. More and more women are coming out about how they enjoy cannabis more than alcohol and are subbing out their cocktails for this type of energizing strain. We are very grateful to one of our followers on Instagram who shared why she is thinking of making the switch.

Speaker 8 (18:37):

So I struggle a bit with finding a good balance with energizing strains because I tend to get anxiety from those, but since I’ve been trying now to give up alcohol, or at least reduce the consumption because it’s not been good for me, not feeling really well drinking anymore, so I’m considering trying out some new strains and new options and see what’s what’s out there.

Ellen Scanlon (19:07):

I get a lot of questions about substituting cannabis for alcohol. I know it feels like an easy comparison to make, but since we have dedicated an entire podcast to helping you do the pot, this is when I want to remind you that they are different. With XJ13, for example, it can help stimulate thoughts that are light and free, stories flow easily and conversations are creative, thoughtful and fun. You’ll feel pretty social and will likely want to be around friends, old and new. It can be a perfect strain for a mental health walk or even to tackle a new recipe you’ve been dying to try out.


Now that we’ve covered all the basics, maybe you’re wondering what is the difference between Sour Diesel and XJ13? The two strains are similar in that they both have moderate THC and low CBD. The biggest difference you’ll find is that Sour Diesel leans further towards higher energy and possible anxiety, while XJ13 is rarely connected to anxiety or paranoia. If you’re ready for a huge rush of energy, Sour Diesel is for you, while XJ13 offers a slightly more balanced and mellow experience. XJ13 is probably a better choice for someone newer to cannabis since its effects will be lighter than Sour Diesel, but both strains can be fully enjoyed by weed lovers of all different experience levels. You are likely to feel head highs with both strains and XJ13 also gives a bit of a body high that can help with feelings of euphoria.


While this is typically how these strains are, remember that cannabis is a plant. Plants grown in different places will be different. Just like with fruits, an orange grown in Florida and in orange Grown in Arizona are different. It’s really important to remember that weed is just a plant and where and how it’s grown can affect it. And the same goes for you. Cannabis affects everyone differently and please start slowly until for sure how you are going to feel. You didn’t give up on love forever after a middle school heartbreak, right? So try a little, pay attention to how you feel and have fun.


What are your experiences like with energizing strains? Do you prefer them? And which one is your favorite? Tell us at or DM us @dothepot. Thank you for listening to our series, What is Good Weed for Women? If you haven’t yet, check out our shows on relaxed weed, balanced weed and the secret history of cannabis strains. For lots more information and past episodes, visit, and that’s also where you can sign up for our newsletter. For sneak peeks behind the scenes, please follow us on socials @dothepot. And if you like How To Do The Pot, please rate and review us on Apple Podcasts, it really helps more people find the show. Thanks to our writer, Melia Grasska and our producers Madi Fair and Nick Patri. I’m Ellen Scanlon and thanks for listening to How To Do The Pot.



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