Ellen’s Favorite Strain: Acapulco Gold – A Pre-Rolled Vacation

Episode 143

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Celebrating Ellen's Birthday with Acapulco Gold

Today we are celebrating Ellen’s birthday with a show all about her favorite cannabis strain: Acapulco Gold! Ellen has great taste, because this strain has been crowned by High Times as one of the most beloved strains of all time. It has even achieved celebrity status thanks to a cameo in Cheech and Chong’s “Up in Smoke.” This episode is a lot of fun —  you’ll hear why Ellen loves this strain so much, her favorite way to consume it, and so much more. We hope you enjoy listening, and please reach out if you want to share your story about Acapulco Gold!

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Ellen Scanlon (00:00):

This podcast discusses cannabis, and is intended for audiences 21 and over. Welcome to How to Do the Pot, a podcast demystifying cannabis for women. I’m Ellen Scanlan. Today is a very special episode, because we are celebrating my birthday. Around my birthday last year, I had an amazing day on a boat in the San Francisco Bay with old friends. I brought some weed, my favorite strain, and not only did I have a blast, but everyone who tried it loved the strain. They now buy it whenever they see it in a dispensary, and still talk to me about how much they enjoyed it. So, to celebrate this year, I want to share with you my favorite cannabis strain. It’s a very famous one, and it gives me a lot of fun energy. I feel creative and also really relaxed, huh? A lot like a tropical vacation in Mexico.

Ellen Scanlon (01:13):

That is actually a hint. Can you guess what strain it is? Acapulco Gold. Acapulco Gold’s reputation precedes it in cannabis circles, and many people have called it the best cannabis strain to ever exist. High Times magazine named it one of the 25 greatest strains of all time. It has showed up in practically every part of American culture, from songs to books to movies. You may have heard it name dropped in the classically silly Cheech & Chong movie, Up In Smoke.

Cheech Marin: Pedro (01:51):

I’ve been smoking since I was born, man. I could smoke anything, man. You know, like I smoked that Michoacán, that Acapulco Gold, man.

Ellen Scanlon (02:00):

This Hollywood cameo made Acapulco Gold even more sought after, and in a world of lots and lots of cannabis strain names, it also made it memorable. So, in some circles it is really famous, but like a lot of things in cannabis until Acapulco Gold showed up in the movies, its history was a fairly well kept secret. Acapulco Gold is what’s known as a landrace strain, and it was found naturally growing in Acapulco, Mexico in the 1960s. What is a landrace strain? I talked about these original, special and mysterious strains in Episode 87, and I’ll link to it in the show notes. In dispensaries, Acapulco gold will probably be listed as a Sativa. I have mixed feelings about using terms like Sativa and Indica, because they just don’t tell you very much about how you’re going to feel.

Ellen Scanlon (02:56):

I talk more about that in Episode 77, but for now know that if you think you like Sativas, you will probably like Acapulco Gold. I’ll link to the Sativa-Indica hybrid episode in the show notes. We love podcasts and we know that finding your favorites, isn’t always easy, so we have started the How to Do the Pod Podcast Club. Periodically. We’ll share our favorite podcasts and interview the host of some really great shows, some about weed, some not. If you’d like to put a podcast on our radar, please reach out to high@dothepod.com or you can DM us at Do the Pod. I absolutely love to read and have been a huge reader for my whole life.

Ellen Scanlon (03:45):

Podcasts have opened up a whole new way to hear my favorite authors talk about their books, and a new show for me is the podcast Lit Up, where creator and host Angela Ledgerwood talks with writers about modern life, book culture, and all the ways that sharing stories illuminates our world. Whether the conversations are about the book writing process, navigating our complex relationships with the past, to each other, or figuring out how to cope in uncertain times, this show offers a glimpse into the minds, hearts and creative practices of some incredible writers and thinkers. Recently, I listened to the episode with author Katie Kitamura, and I’ve read and really like two of her books, Intimacies and A Separation. It was a great interview. Angie asked the authors what lights you up, and the answers are really fascinating. Lit Up is produced by Sugar23, and look out for new episodes twice monthly on Tuesdays, and follow Lit Up wherever you listen to podcasts.

Ellen Scanlon (04:57):

If you have your own celebration coming up, or you’re just really excited to try a new strain, here’s a breakdown of what to expect, and please reach out to us. We would love to hear your Acapulco Gold stories. What does it help with? Acapulco Gold helps lighten anxiety and stress. It’s mood-enhancing qualities have helped people dealing with depression ,and will have you believing in the sunny side of life. Smelling cannabis is a great trick to find out if it will work well with your body, so try to smell it, and notice how it makes you feel. With Acapulco Gold, you’ll notice it tastes like coffee and smells a bit woody, like chestnuts and sweet burnt toffee.

Ellen Scanlon (05:51):

How high will I get? This strain is strong, and it has a high THC percentage, usually between 20 and 30%, so you will feel intoxicated. I like to take maybe two hits from a joint, and that’s what I gave to my friends on the boat. If you have more than that, just be warned, it can cause you to feel a little anxious. That’s what high THC strains can do. The story goes that when Acapulco Gold made it into the US in the early ’60s, it had a high percentage of THC compared to the other weed that was available then. Part of its reputation grew, because people were feeling highs they had never actually experienced before.

Ellen Scanlon (06:35):

How will it make me feel? Acapulco Gold helps you feel energized, creative and happy, with an optimistic view of the world. It has a glowy, sparkly, clearheaded high that most people enjoy. Why do I love it? I remember smoking Acapulco Gold one night on my roof in the early intense days of the pandemic, around the election, George Floyd, there was so much heaviness and I felt like a weight was just being gently lifted off me. I got a little more space from all the stress, and I was able to feel grateful for all the good things in my life. It’s powerful to have a lift like that, and the positive feeling stayed with me. I still remember the spark that it left me with.

Ellen Scanlon (07:28):

What will it inspire? You will feel inspired to talk and laugh with your friends, enjoy the beauty around you, smile in the sunshine, all the happy things. Its clearheaded positivity can give you courage to face something you’ve been worried about, feel more confident about your instincts and generally have fun with everyone around you. I think it really inspires love, and I hope you love it too.

Ellen Scanlon (08:06):

Have you listened to our Essential Strains Episodes? In these short five-minute episodes, we break down the strains that every woman should have in her stash. These episodes are a great guide to finding your favorites. You’ll hear about sexy strains like GSC, relaxing strains, like OG Kush, and strains good for pain relief, like Harlequin. I’ll link to the series in the show notes, so you can dive in. I wish I could tell you exactly how you’ll feel when you try Acapulco Gold or any strain, really, but everyone responds to cannabis a little differently. Please be patient, and open to experimenting. You didn’t give up on love forever after a middle school heartbreak. Right? So, try a little pay attention to how you feel and have fun.

Ellen Scanlon (09:00):

Thank you for celebrating my birthday on this very special episode. I’d love to hear what you think of Acapulco Gold, so please reach out at hi@dothepot.com or DM us at Do the Pot. For lots more information and past episodes, visit dothepot.com, and that’s also where you can sign up for our newsletter, which comes out every other Friday. If you like How to Do the Pot, please rate and review us on Apple Podcasts. It helps more people find the show. Thank you to our producers, Madi Fair and Nick Patri. I’m Ellen Scanlan, and stay tuned for more of How to Do the Pot.



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