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ALL ABOUT HARLEQUIN, the number one 2:1 strain

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Why is Harlequin the most popular CBD strain?

A Lil’ Bit High & Super Popular.

A mildly intoxicating sativa dominant hybrid strain, Harlequin will keep your head clear while helping you relax. Often recommended as the starter strain for those new to consuming cannabis, it’s also beloved because it calms anxiety, reduces stress, and is a natural sleep remedy.

Will I get a body high or a head high? If this sounds like you and you’re wondering how high Harlequin will get you, and what other benefits it can provide, then you’re in the right place. Harlequin is a two to one sativa dominant strain, meaning it’s two parts CBD to one part THC. The smaller the ratio of CBD, the number to the left of the colon, the more intoxicated you will feel. 

Saturday Strains is bringing the special back to Saturdays by demystifying the 12 essential cannabis strains that every woman should have in her stash.

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April Pride: This podcast discusses cannabis and is intended for audiences 21 and over.

April Pride: New to cannabis or worried about smoking? I highly recommend dry herb vaporizing. What is it? You heat ground flower and inhale small sips from a device that looks like a small flute, in the case of Fez, or is reminiscent of an Apple product, like a PAX 3.

April Pride: Flower options dominate dispensary menus, so greater strain selection means more choices in how you want to feel. And check out our post on Instagram, @dothepot, to give you a visual and a breakdown of the cost.

April Pride: Welcome to Saturday Strains. I’m your host, April Pride, and I’ll be your guide each Saturday as we move through the 12 essential cannabis strains that every woman should have in her stash. If you haven’t already, please listen to the three short Saturday Strains Explained episodes to learn more about how cannabis is a lot like another substance we can count on to change our outlook, wine.

April Pride: In each episode, you can expect more weed hacks like the ones you just heard, and remember, we’ll guide you less intoxicating strains that are nearly all CBD, to strains with increasingly higher THC levels.

April Pride: After last week’s non intoxicating strain ACDC, we’re going to jump to a mildly intoxicating strain, Harlequin, a name shared with romance novels and diamond outfitted jesters. Curious. You can count on Harlequin the strain for a clear head that is alert yet relaxed.

April Pride: Harlequin is a high CBD, low THC strain, a combination that is rapidly growing popularity, so you should be able to find it in most dispensaries. In fact, there are debates on chat rooms, if you research weed a lot like I do, and Harlequin is thought to be the most popular high CBD strain. So let’s count down five facts about Harlequin.

April Pride: Number one, what does it help with? Anxiety, pain.

April Pride: Number two, how high will I get? You’ll feel mildly intoxicated, like a couple of beers or a glass of wine high.

If we were looking at these strains like tea, Harlequin is like white tea, mildly intoxicating. Harlequin is a two to one, meaning it’s two parts CBD to one part THC. The smaller the CBD number, the number to the left of the colon, the more intoxicated you will feel.

And to learn more about CBD THC ratios and other good to knows when reading cannabis product labels, listen to How To Do The Pots Episode 20, One-to-one Dosing.

April Pride: Number three, how will it make me feel? Often described as similar to weed from the 1970s, Harlequin is like sipping light beer at the beach, or a couple of mimosas at brunch. Just enough sensation to indicate intoxication and then subtle euphoria settles in. If pain has your body feeling heavy, Harlequin will help you feel lighter in your body.

April Pride: Number four, why do women love it? Harlequin is the magic formula for relief from chronic pain without a high that hinders your work or your chore list.

April Pride: Often recommended as a starter strain for those new to consuming cannabis, it’s also beloved because it calms anxiety, reduces stress and is a brilliant, natural sleep remedy. Why? The mix of high CBD and low THC, if you have trouble falling asleep, that little bit of THC will help you fall asleep faster. If sleep overall is your challenge, check out episode six, The Brain Episode, and episode 17 of How To Do The Pot.

April Pride: Number five, what will it inspire? Harlequin is an ideal strain to deal while high. Women suffering from chronic pain required THC to treat acute pain symptoms.

April Pride: A strain like Harlequin with CBD, well think of CBD as the antidote to THC’s intoxicating effects. So you can expect to get business done on this strain. And if you’d like to separate business and pleasure, perhaps you’re getting not actual business, but rather not essential yet necessary and highly annoying business, perhaps your holiday cards. Harlequin is also an ideal strain to drop into a moment of meditation.

April Pride: And some parting words, please reserve judgment if a strain we recommend doesn’t work for you. You haven’t failed and neither have we. In fact, having gotten it wrong, you’re one step closer to your right high. You didn’t quit drinking when a long Island Iced Tea as your first bar drink turned out to be a wrong move, right?

April Pride: Send us a DM to @dothepot or to me directly @aprilpride. And let us know how this strain worked for you.

April Pride: Thank you for listening to Saturday Strains. Check us out online at We’d also like to thank Jeffrey Raber, PhD and Colin Montgomerie of the Workshop, as well as Nick Jikomes, PhD of Leafly for schooling us on strains.

April Pride: Thanks to my co-founder, Ellen Scanlon, Madi Fair, our marketing manager and our producer, Nick Petri. I’m April Pride and we’ll be back soon with more of How To Do The Pot.



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