Benefits of Cannabis: How Does Weed Best Help With Sleep?

Pot can help you fall asleep & stay asleep.



Sleep is so precious to our health and it can be such a challenge, especially for women in our 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond. If you’re looking to cannabis to improve your sleep, you’re not alone. A 2018 Deloitte research study concluded that women are seeking alternative therapies for conditions such as anxiety and insomnia. The women surveyed said were more likely than men to consume cannabis for relaxation or sleep – 74 percent of women vs. 59 percent of men. 

One of the many benefits of cannabis is that it plays a role in promoting better sleep, but CBD and THC affect sleep differently. THC promotes rapid onset of sleep while CBD regulates sleep/wake cycles both during the night and the following day. 

With little research to elaborate on the anecdotal evidence linking sleep and cannabis, we offer what we know:  While other cannabinoids – specifically, CBN and CBG –  show promise for sleep, products including these compounds are not regulated, so we’ll stick to recommending products that we know and love.


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In short, the non-intoxicating CBD helps you stay asleep. In 2017, researchers reviewed studies dating back to the 1970s and found compelling evidence that one of the benefits of cannabis is that it’s an effective tool in combating insomnia. In addition to stabilizing sleep patterns, the review offered strong evidence that CBD reduces daytime drowsiness, improves alertness, and relieves anxiety.

High doses of CBD have been found to optimize the sleep/wake cycle, while low doses of CBD promote alertness and protect against crashing throughout the 24-hour period following ingestion. 

THC has been found to reduce activity during REM and deep sleep, suppressing nightmares and/or dreams – making it a crucial ingredient for people who suffer PTSD. 

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The Endocannabinoid System, or ECS, is responsible for creating balance in the body. Endocannabinoids are balancing neurotransmitters that our body makes on its own. Endo = within the body. Phytocannabinoids are plant-derived compounds that mimic endocannabinoids. They have the same chemical structure. Phyto = from a plant. One is already in our bodies. One comes from plants. 


Now we’ve already established that one of the wondrous benefits of cannabis is that it promotes better sleep for us. But what is the best weed strain for sleep? The conventional wisdom is Indica is the sleepy, body-high kind of cannabis and sativa is more peppy and creative. true – Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica are two different types of plants, but the reasons certain cannabis help you fall asleep have a lot to do with terpenes – the essential oils of cannabis. Think of terpenes as a smell you can taste – where smell meets the back of your throat and your taste buds. 


  1. Julia Jacobson, co-founder of Aster Farms in California, is also a firm believer that better sleep is one of the many benefits of cannabis. She loves pulling out an eighth of their Moonlight effects strain when she’s looking for a little assistance with getting to sleep. It’s an indica dominant flower that she usually vapes using a Pax 2.    AVAILABLE IN CA
  2. Greater Good‘s Mint Hibiscus 100mg CBD Chocolate Bar is made with organic, fair-trade, non-GMO dark chocolate that tastes delicious and is mood boosting. Crafted with full spectrum, conscientiously cultivated hemp oil, this low fat, good fat chocolate is a great carrier for cannabinoids to incorporate into the system with the potential to last longer by entering deeply into the digestive tract.    SHIPS ANYWHERE
  3. A great THC-free option comes to us from Kin Slips. Their Shut Eye sublingual strips go under the tongue for fast absorption and have 5mg of CBD and 5mg of CBN, a formula created to help you sleep through the night.    AVAILABLE IN CA 
  4. The Nightcap tincture from Juna is a hemp based blend that turns down the volume on racing thoughts and invites you into your most restorative sleep.   SHIPS ANYWHERE
  5. Barbari’s herbal smoking blends are formulated to be mixed with hemp or cannabis and smoked as a spliff so that consumers can have more control over the type of high or effects they experience. Airplane Mode features lavender, rose, and blue lotus flower, which encourage relaxation and calming of the senses.    SHIPS ANYWHERE

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